Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Complaint #6

Meghan T. Patchogue, NY wrote on 12/7/2014

I waited until I received my dogs ashes and our refund to post my review so I didnt have to deal with these people again.

Sean Hillock, I will NEVER call him Dr., is a heartless, vile, despicable, greedy excuse for a living being. My wonderful dachshund Gus was sent to him for an abnormal liver test and we found out he had Cushings. Was told it was early on set, minimal organ damage, and completely manageable. Did not like how he spoke to my mother and I as if we couldnt understand how to add 2+2 without his assistance but we looked past it because we thought he was helping us. Also bothered he kept referring to my boy as “she” or “her” even after we repeatedly told him he’s a BOY. Took over a month for him to get back to me to start treatment and never checked up on Gus.

Five months later my  boy was rushed to the ER for vomitting which my personal vet Dr. Joseph Palmeri at Sachem Animal Hospital was concerned about. Dr. Danielle Wharton ran tests and we found out he had diabetes. She told us he needed an ultrasound to see what else was going on and warned us she was afraid he may have pancreatitis and we needed to speak to Hillock the next day.

The next day we met with Hillock. Now when we first met him, he never warned us of Diabetes, the worst side affects of Cushings he warned us about were seizures and high blood  pressure. He slinked in, told us it would be difficult to treat but we could do it and when we asked how long our boy had he told me 1-2 years. He then told us he needed the money to start treatments, $6,000 low estimate. We had the money but asked what if we didnt have this, what would we do? He closed Gussies file and said “Then put him to sleep!”

After regaining our ability to breathe he began explaining to us that he needed to be paid, he has bills, there are over 145 people who work there and they all have bills, they go to school for 13-14 years and they have loans they need to pay back. If they did work with us, JUST US, on a payment plan, the entire center would be SHUT DOWN IN A WEEK!!!! He then went on how they don’t receive government funding, they need MONEY! He kept it up until getting VILE and telling us we should have saved TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for this, we should have known this was going to happen and made it clear we didnt deserve our boy because we’re not well to do people. He then told us our boy was nothing but a LUXURY! He left and we went to pay the bill out front.

The front desk swiped my mothers debit card which was declined because of daily limits. She then, after being told no, called Care Credit on my behalf to find out my limit, my available balance and tried to get my limit increased. I was then declined for everyone in the waiting room to hear. She then called my parents bank, wanted all my mothers and my credit cards to find out how much we had. By the way, NO CHECKS! We had to wait until we were allowed to leave paying half the estimate, which was for 3 days of ICU stay, so half of the estimate was more than enough to cover my boys treatments for one day!

Two days later we finally got the truth from Dr. Puza; my boy had no chance and never did. Continuing the treatment as long as Hillock wanted us to do would be weeks and there were no guarantees and he would be suffering for nothing. We made the hardest decision ever and we let him go.

The next day my personal vet called to say he was so sorry. He looked over his file and told me it was clear with the tests done by the emergency room, which Hillock said he looked at, we had no chance THEN. I let him know what Hillock said to us and did to my boy and he was just as disgusted as we were. He told me he had no idea Hillock was like this and he  wouldnt recommend Hillock again to another patient and would let the other vets at Sachem Animal Hospital aware. As he then told me, there are other places, there are other specialists, hes not it. He let me know that I could have had all the money in the world as Hillock told me I should have had but it wouldnt have changed the outcome. I told Dr. Palmeri I feel lied to and I feel as if Hillock knew when he told me I had 1-2 years that I never had a chance and it was all for money and he agreed.

What this man wanted to do to my dog knowing he was dying all for money is despicable. I thank my boy in not letting that disgrace of human life to take his life, he let a Dr. with a HEART take him. People who care about animals do not act like this. Its not about money its about making sure the animals are okay. This center  is disgusting! Thousands of dollars and all you get are lies! I looked on their site and there are funds to help you pay your treatments so once again another Hillock lie, THEY CAN HELP!

I know my  boy isn’t the first hes killed for money and he wont be the last but please think twice before going to him. He doesn’t care about your pet, he cares about his bank account!

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