Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Complaint #5

LA L.Long Island, NY wrote on 2/7/2015

MONEY, MONEY MONEY!!!  First and honestly, near as I could tell, their only concern. I have had various procedures and emergencies with our cats in the past so I am not new to the vet world or the bills incurred, however, this is by far the most astronomically priced center I have ever been to. Our cat became alarmingly ill, regular vet closed, wound up here.  Long story short…about 3 hours and well over $700 later, it seems to have been a bladder/urinary infection of some kind.  They use strong arm guilt tactics, claim to be advocating for the pet, however, if you can’t or won’t pay, the pet is then no longer a concern.  We were made to feel like we were killing our cat by refusing the “suggested”  $2000 overnight stay and transfer to the internal medicine unit for further testing.  Xrays & blood work were unremarkable, cat had a fever and was passing blood in the urine, no indication of anything else, but the Dr. refused to entertain the idea that perhaps it was as simple as a round of antibiotics. We should continue checking, bill could have easily shot to $5000 in a matter of a day or two, yet the Dr. seemed to think this wasn’t a problem and that of course it was our choice but, she felt it was irresponsible of us to take the cat.  The only thing she was willing to actually confirm is that our cat is fat, we already knew that.  Oh and on initial exam she was very concerned about possible fluid in the belly and alarming lung sounds…..fluid wound up being fat, would have thought she would know the difference and never mentioned the lung sounds when xrays showed nothing.  Dr. was very concerned about the labored, heavy breathing the cat was doing when in fact the breathing was directly related to the fever, common in cats a simple google search shows that.  Everything was an indication for further testing, even unremarkable tests were used to indicate that perhaps something else is lurking and we should continue to test until we find something.
Bottom line, we got the antibiotics which the Dr. said was not a good idea, cat is doing much better now, not passing blood anymore, starting to come around, breathing back to normal.  If we had caved to her predatory play on our emotions, our cat would still be there being tested.
BEWARE they prey on your emotions and pressure you to commit to their “plan” for your pet.  Even when initial tests show nothing they will list a million things that could be an issue and call for further testing.
They claim to care about your pet’s well being but will not treat until you pay, so really what is their major concern?  DISGUSTED will never be back.
The techs and office staff were very nice to deal with, no problems there, The Dr. who I will not name…..not so much.  Don’t treat your paying customers like idiots and don’t prey on emotions…it is unethical!


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