Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Complaint #33

Another victim of vet abuse reached out to Luckyslegacy to warn others of the incompetence found at VMCLI.

Cynthia wrote;

This is my recount of what happened to my Dominic during the month of May 2018 and the veterinarians involved.


My dog was a Pomeranian named Dominic.  He was my fur baby.  I still can’t believe the traumatizing chain of events that we went through with two other doctors before Dominic ended up at VMCLI. Dominic was misdiagnosed twice by two other doctors, his primary doctor and a doctor at LIVS.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 my dog Dominic, a Pomeranian, died while in the care of Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island.  It had been a nightmarish two weeks trying to find veterinarians who could properly care for Dominic.  I suspect that the VMCLI veterinarians did not properly follow the protocol required when treating a dog with pulmonary health issues.  I would like to point out that the medical records indicated that Dominic was seen by the hospital’s pulmonary specialist Dr. Sean Hillock.  Oddly though, I was told at that time by the admitting ER veterinarian Dr. Brooke Hutt, that Dr. Hillock did not have time to see Dominic.  I only learned recently in court that was not the case and Dr. Hutt recanted her previous statement.  In addition, Dr. Hutt had told me when Dominic was admitted to the hospital that he would be required to stay in the hospital for treatment until that
Monday, May 14.  Assumedly the veterinarian Dr. Hillock decided to discharge him a day early.  I did question the hospital representative who called me with the news of Dominic’s early release, asking if this was advisable since he was supposed to stay there a minimum of four days.  Thirty-six hours later Dominic had to be readmitted into the hospital on May 15 and died three hours later.

I truly did try to find a veterinarian to properly treat my dog two weeks prior to his death.

The following is a recount of that period including Dominic’s admittance and treatment at the veterinarian hospital.

On May 5, 2018, I brought him to see one of the new veterinarians, Dr. Pearl Shivers, at my primary veterinarian’s office.  Dr. Keith Parendo had been my two dogs’ primary veterinarian for about four years.  He had since brought on additional veterinarians and shortened his office hours.  I was not pleased that I was limited to seeing a veterinarian that I only met once but it seemed imprudent being this was an urgent visit.  Dr. Shiver took x-rays of Dominic’s lungs and told me that his lungs looked clear.  She attributed his coughing to an enlarged heart (Dominic had a heart murmur) and did not address his limping.  I was already treating Dominic with a cough tablet and Rimadyl prior to the appointment and Dr. Shiver told me to continue administering the same medication.   Even though I questioned her reasoning since I was already doing so with no positive results, Dr. Shiver directed me to continue and renewed the prescription.
After a couple of days, I saw no improvement with Dominic’s condition.  He was still limping frequently as well as coughing.  I noticed he would wheeze when I held him.  I called my primary veterinarian Dr. Parendo to tell him that I was not happy with the limited treatment Dominic received from Dr. Shiver.  Dr. Parendo did call me back but I was out and missed his call.  I asked the front desk receptionist to have him call me later, which he never did.
The next day – Thursday, May 10 – I called my primary veterinarian Dr. Parendo again but he was not in.  I decided to bring Dominic to see Dr. Dominic Marino at Long Island Veterinarian Services in Plainview.  Dr. Marino was the veterinarian/orthopedic surgeon who did Dominic’s hip replacements.  I thought Dominic would be receiving the best attention at this facility.  We had an appointment at 12 noon.  After waiting over one hour we were seen by two of Dr. Marino’s staff before he actually met with me.  I was told by one of his staff that Dr. Marino had limited time since he had to leave before 2 p.m.  The last staff person, probably a veterinarian intern, picked up Dominic and observed the wheezing I spoke about.  When Dr. Marino finally met with me, he presented an x-ray of Dominic’s legs that showed that his left rear leg had been broken and healed and the hip replacement pin that goes into the femur had snapped.  I was shocked to learn of this since I always brought Dominic to the primary veterinarian whenever he potentially injured himself or had a sore leg.  It was devastating to realize that the primary veterinarian Dr. Parendo had not adequately examined my dog and never took an x-ray of that area.
Dr. Marino told me Dominic had a sprain.  He had no clue that there was an issue with his lungs until I asked him about it.  He then excused himself and went back into the backroom assumedly to review the lung x-ray sent by the primary veterinarian.  He came back out shortly after and repeated to me verbatim what I told one of his staff when I reported the primary veterinarian diagnosis.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, the lung issue was deadly.
The next morning (Friday, May 11) I found Dominic laboring to breath and rushed him to the Veterinary Medical Services of LI emergency room local to me.  Dominic was admitted and given oxygen and medication to help him breath.  The ER veterinarian, Dr. Hutt, told me that Dominic would need to stay at the hospital until Monday.  On Saturday, May 12, my husband and I went to visit Dominic at the hospital.  Dominic was sedated and sleepy.  An ER staff person (veterinarian?) told said he was responding to the treatment.  Dr. Hutt was also present but said nothing to us.  On Sunday, May 13, I received a phone call from someone (a veterinarian?) from the hospital who told me that Dominic was better and might be eligible for early release.  I told her that I was delighted to hear that but I was very concerned about him being discharged earlier than planned.  This person told me that it was alright.  After about an hour I receive another phone call from the ER that Dominic could go home.  My husband and I picked up Dominic, he was still very drowsy and he would not walk.  By Monday morning he was up and walking, albeit a little unstable.  He didn’t have much of an appetite that evening but ate a few morsels from my hand.
Early Tuesday morning about 1 a.m. (May 15), Dominic began hacking and coughing.  I gave him cough medicine but it had little effect.  I brought him downstairs with me where it’s a bit cooler so that he would be more comfortable.  I woke up around 7:30 a.m. to find Dominic laboring to breath.  I rushed him to the ER again and he was admitted.  A different ER veterinarian was on call, Dr. Han, and he told me that the new chest x-rays showed that Dominic’s lung condition had worsened.  I was told to go home since Dominic would be staying the night and would see the pulmonary specialist the next morning.  I called the ER veterinarian from home and insisted that he confer with a pulmonary veterinarian.  He said he would try.  About two hours later the ER veterinarian calls me to inform me that Dominic was not doing well and wanted to confirm if I wanted him resuscitated.  I told the ER veterinarian to do everything possible to keep him going and that I was on my way there.  Even though I witnessed the ER staff conducting the resuscitating procedure, it was apparent that Dominic had expired.
So here I am grieving, no longer able to hold my precious little boy.  I had misguided trust in these veterinarians, as I believed they would provide the best possible care for Dominic with no restrictions on the cost to do so.
I wasn’t aware of your cause “” until  after the trial when I actively began posting my experience on review sites.  I realize now that I was not really suited to represent myself, I’m a nonconfrontational and trusting person.

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