Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Complaint #27

Grace Infad wrote in 201

NEVER BRING YOUR DOG TO VMCLI!!!! If you have an emergency, this is NOT the place to go. The receptionists are RUDE and the VETS are incompetent!!!! Our dog had shaking, panting, and was circling around late at night, and I knew something was wrong. We brought him to the nearest er vet and he was taken in immediately for an exam. They felt a hard mass and or foreign object that felt like an acorn to them. They told us, that they wanted to take an x-ray. They did find something, but couldnt tell what it was, and wanted to do an ultrasound, stating this would definitely tell us what it was. They let us know he had a severe case of pancreatitis and the mass was the inflammation of his pancreas. He was on meds for two days there. It cost us over $2500 to keep him there. They told us not to bring him to our regular vet as they do not have overnight stay and they are not as advanced as they are. I asked when he is able to come home to let us know. We were on top of them and they stated he was doing well and getting better with the meds he was on. Two days later he came home, and was vomiting and had extreme diahhrea. He was on pepto, tramadol and pepcid. They never gave him a medication for his pancreatitis. 4 days went by and he never ate. They were concerned he wasn’t eating and to bring him back. Of course they wanted to charge us more for one night, then they did for a whole day. They still said he had pancreatitis and he needed to be hydrated (but he was drinking water at home) there. We decided to bring him home and hydrate him ourselves and wait till our vet was opened. When we went to our regular vet, he stated that the paperwork they sent to them does not have a definative answer to what he has. That the pancreas was mildly enlarged. So, he wanted to give him another exam, within 5 minutes our doctor knew there was a blockage and he immediately did a test with barium. This concluded he in fact had a blockage and they immediately did surgery. They found a large peach pit in his intestines, and also found that his intestines were ripped apart from the peach pit and that they couldnt understand why VMCLI didnt notice this or look into the hard mass and or foreign object. They also didnt understand why they would think a hard mass would then be pancreatitis. They said his pancreas was good and that there was no pancreatitis. This was MALPRACTICE and he is now in critical conditon. They had to remove 12 inches of his intestines. If they knew what they were doing our dog would be home with us, now he is fighting for his life. I WILL NEVER BRING ANY OF MY ANIMALS HERE EVER AGAIN!!!!!

(Many complaints on yelp were made due to lack of compassion, understaffed, exorbitant pricing,  price gauging. Also despite being an emergency facility 24/7 do not have emergency staff 24/7 and borderline negligent)




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