Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Complaint #26

Russ J DiMaria ‎ – Mar 8, 2012
Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible If you value your pet – don’t bring him/her here. Unsympathetic – Crass – Rude need i say more? The only reason this Cruel Center for UNSUSPECTING animals gets any (5 star) reviews is because the people who work there are the ones giving the reviews! Notice – 4 postings after my Feb 3rd posting, which is a accurate (1 star) review. UNETHICAL! UNACCEPTABLE! Our rabbit went in on stomach / digestive problems and without me there, they talked my girlfriend into operating (operations are a great way to pocket large amounts of cash) now if our third and forth rabbits have this problem we solve it with water/pineapple mixture – NO SURGERY – and the problem corrects itself – if no response – there are liquid prescriptions administrated through easy to use ‘eye’ dropper – end result? our rabbit died in surgery without a creditable explanation and had the nerve to charge her — i would never had paid them and would have offered them to drop dead!

(Many complaints on yelp were made due to lack of compassion, understaffed, exorbitant pricing,  price gauging. Also despite being an emergency facility 24/7 do not have emergency staff 24/7 and borderline negligent)





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