Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Complaint #22

Anthony Aiello wrote on February 2017

This place is a joke. I was forced here because our gastrointestinal specialist was leaving to teach. We were told numerous things all contradicting the last thing, didn’t even see the same vet and told to buy expensive immune stopping medicine as it will help our dogs suspected ibd/colitis but give it 4-6 weeks only to be told 12 days later to stop all meds because a (over priced) colonoscopy was the only was to determine a diagnosis. And that that same medicine would have worked by now ..?

We were weary going in and I can’t fathom how this place is in business.

(Many complaints on yelp were made due to lack of compassion, understaffed, exorbitant pricing,  price gauging. Also despite being an emergency facility 24/7 do not have emergency staff 24/7 and borderline negligent)




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