Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Complaint #20

I don’t even know where to begin but someone lied. Either the receptionist or the doctor because you have to be both blind and stupid to not realize when some poor animal is paralyzed from the waist down, dehydrated, and near hypothermic. The dog got into a bunny nest and really messed the little guys up while I wasn’t home. So I pulled out one dead one he didn’t eat covered in various bugs out of the hole and the other one is lethargic and not moving, it’s legs are splayed out oddly and it’s cold.

It looked like the legs were broken or something and it was not doing so good so my aunt took them over to this place because we were told by a local rescue that they treat wildlife. Worst comes to worse, they could easily euthanize the poor thing so it wouldn’t have to suffer. Well, they got turned away because they were told “it’s fine”, which it was very clearly not.

So they called me and I said okay, I have some wildlife veterinary experience let me take a look. Well the poor things hind legs are literally paralyzed.

I called back and said, why did you turn them away and reexplained what had happened and the state the baby was found in. The receptionist said that didn’t sound right and put me on hold. When she came back she said no it was checked over and nothing is wrong. I honestly wanted to scream but just conceded because you can’t win with horrible people. The bunny was clearly hurt, I’ve worked in Rehab before, I know what a sick/injured baby looks like. They were being adament.

After placing it on a heating pad to warm it up and giving a small amount of KMR he began to move about and get his strength back and look healthy again except for the part where he was dragging himself around with his front paws because he’s FREAKING PARALYZED. Those back legs and feet don’t move for nothing, not even a wiggle. Honestly what the flip? Even if you somehow didn’t realize it was paralyzed you could easily see it was weak and cold and you chose to lie and do nothing.
And I don’t want to hear any bs about when it”s that young the back legs don’t work, my friend literally raises domestic rabbits and rehabs wild ones and she’s like yup, they lied. He can’t move those legs for anything.

Completely unethical and really fkd up.
I don’t see how a licensed vet could miss those things without missing them on purpose. But I guess I’ll go ahead and put a paralyzed baby back in the abandoned, wrecked by dog, nest (jk I’m taking it to ppl who actually care)

but people who read this should really think about taking their animal someplace else because honestly that level of dishonesty or ineptitude is dangerous.

The following seems to be the same response to every compliant made:

Response from the owner 3 months ago
“Please note that this in no way reflects the high standard of care that we strive to offer. We want to speak with you directly about this, so please contact our hospital manager at, along with a note of your availability to speak.”

(Many complaints on yelp were made due to lack of compassion, understaffed, exorbitant pricing,  price gauging. Also despite being an emergency facility 24/7 do not have emergency staff 24/7 and borderline negligent)


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