Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Complaint #2

Larua M. Massapequa, NY wrote on 8/16/2015

NO STARS NONE at all. Absolutely Horrible!!!!..
Thankful my cat is still alive, seriously hope she will live through the day/night!
Totally disgusted, beyond words!!!. Spent over 5 hours there to learn my cat was given no water or personal care for over 5 hours. Shame..shame on this Center, not taking care of a sick animal with basic care….it was one of my worst nightmares! The vet we originally saw was totally INCOMPETENT!! with no knowledge or skills,  no compassion and couldn’t care less. We were told one thing and waited for her to take care of the problem to learn over an hour later that my cat took a turn for the worst. I ask if she had water and care and the vet told me they were very busy and ran away We were there almost 6 hours and it was not that busy……$$ seemed to be the concern, running up a nice bill and not taking care of my beautiful cat…Really unbelievable. The Staff Vet supervisor was the only one who showed some care she should run out of there asap!

(Many complaints on yelp were made due to lack of compassion, understaffed, exorbitant pricing,  price gauging. Also despite being an emergency facility 24/7 do not have emergency staff 24/7 and borderline negligent)


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