A Message From the Founder,

Lucky’s Legacy is a Pet Rights Advocacy Group focused on creating non-property status for our pets and how it translates to holding all medical professionals accountable for quality of care.

Lucky’s Legacy was created due to the loss of my beloved cat, Lucky, who died because of an incompetent vet. He was my family and was loved beyond measure. No expense was spared in the care of his well being.

This issue is bigger than Ending Vet Malpractice – it affects all pet-related industries. Giving pets Non-Property status provides the legal recognition they deserve.

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Marzena Golonka
Founder of Lucky’s Legacy

Be a leader in your state. Form a 100+ membership Pet Rights Coalition.
Done this before? Or know someone who has been successful?
We will send you the by-laws and help you get started. Email Us.

Never created a coalition? Don’t be intimated.

What is a coalition?
In simplest terms, a coalition is a group of individuals and/or organizations with a common interest who agree to work together toward a common goal.

MAIN GOALS of the Pet Rights Coalition

  1. To gather membership in support of Lucky’s Law.

  2. 100+ membership coalition in every state.

  3. 10,000,000 members signing our Petition.

  4. Using the template on our Take Action page, have members email our letter to their local and state government.

  5. Come out on our Lobby Day to advocate for your Pets’ Rights.

HOW TO become a State Leader? (Don’t worry. We’ll be there every step of the way.)

  1. Create a 100+ member coalition in your state.

  2. Get to know your community. Who are the pet lovers? What are their concerns?

  3. Collect members in your state through networking. Ask your family, friends, your friends’ friends, neighbors, any pet lover.

  4. Educating the public and local officials, which can include law enforcement, public school systems, or health and safety departments, on Lucky’s Law.

  5. For a complete list, refer to the Pet Rights Coalition By-Laws.

This is an opportunity to protect your pets by building a humane nation.

Still need convincing? Email Us.