Reporting a Bad Vet

What to do if you believe your pet died due to negligence.

Prep for Filing the Complaint: You Will Need Proof
  • Get copies of all medical records.
  • Get copies of all emails, and any other forms of communications with the veterinarian.
  • Keep all the medication that your pet received.
  • Request a “necropsy” – it is the equivalent to an autopsy.
  • Contact the individual state boards to verify that the vet has a valid license to practice in that state.
  • Ask whether the vet has a previous record of complaints, investigations, or disciplinary action. In some states, complaints and investigations are kept secret from the public, but all disciplinary action is public record. Be sure to ask!
  • Check Disciplinary Action Records in your State:
    By law, all disciplinary actions are public record and must be provided to anyone who requests it. States may require you to put the request in writing. Not all state board web sites post-disciplinary actions against vets on their web sites. In those cases, you will need to call, write, or fax the board to request their disciplinary records. None are found in New York State.


Who to Complain to:
  • “The Veterinary Medical Association” in the county where your veterinarian practices.
  • “The head of the medical staff” at the hospital or clinic where your veterinarian practices.


You Should Always:
  • Get clear statements in writing from your veterinary clinic on all diagnostic testing that will be completed and the cost.
  • All invoices should be specific to treatments or tests. In other words, make sure your invoice states “Medication Pimobendan $20.00” NOT something like, “Medication”.
  • Obtain and keep all recordson your pet’s treatment and keep a notebook of dates, times and effect.


Why File a Complaint and Why Sue:
  • Hold them accountable; chances are this is not the vets first offense.
  • Your companions life mattered.
  • Prevent this from happening to someone else.
  • An opportunity for justice.
  • A chance at healing.

Your best chance at getting justice is to sue because most complaints get dismissed. Read about how I did it.