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Lucky’s Legacy is a Pet Rights Advocacy Group focused on creating non-property status for our pets and holding all medical professionals accountable for quality of care.

Lucky’s Legacy was created due to the loss of my beloved cat, Lucky, who died because of an incompetent vet. He was my family and was loved beyond measure. No expense was spared in the care of his well being.

This is bigger than Ending Vet Malpractice. Our pets are family and deserve legal recognition.

Non-property status would hold anyone caring for your companion liable for acts of neglect, cruelty, and harm of any kind. Vets, vet techs, groomers, walkers, sitters, trainers would no longer get a slap on the wrist.

No more bare bone laws!

Read our bill – Lucky’s Law.

This is a National problem. It needs to be addressed on a National level.

Tell government that it’s time to pass a law holding negligent veterinarians responsible. Some states are recognizing that our pets are not mere property, they are our companions. And you will be using your vote for a government that supports this view. Inform them that a bill has been written that expresses your view.

Send an Email to US Government