Feline Kidney Disease and Stem Cell Therapy “A Bright and Shiny new hope for Cats with Kidney Disease”

DVM. Dr. Gary Richter at Montclair Veterinary Hospital – (Oakland CA) and Vet Stem at San Diego- Are doing groundbreaking work with stem cells. He believes that there’s a place for both conventional and holistic medicine.

VSRC therapy is being applied in a wide variety of traumatic and developmental diseases because it regenerates tissue. Dying cells are eliminated and replaced by stem cells that migrate to the locations where cells need to be replaced.

In addition to kidney disease some of the other uses are for Chrone’s disease, IBD, Stroke, Arthritis, Heart disease, Kidney disease, and Dysplasia.


It is an autographt which means that your pet’s own stem cells are being extracted and injected. Therefore, there is strictly no risk of reaction or rejection like there could be if the donor was another animal. Once released in the bloodstream; they can freely migrate to the entire body where they can address any other underlying issues such as Chrone’s disease, Stroke, arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease, and dysplasia.







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