Current & Pending Legislation

Concerning Pet Status & Veterinarian Malpractice

The Legal Classification Of Companion Animals

Animal Legal & Historical Center: Determing the Value of Companion Animals In Wrongful Harm or Death Claims: A Survey of U.S. Decisions and an Argument for the Authorization to Recover for Loss of Companionship In Such Cases

New York State Common Law Referring to Pets as “Personal Property”

New York State Common Law Illogically Refers to “Man’s Best Friend” as “Personal Property” By Susan Chana Lask, Esq

Veterinarian Service, Inclusion and Exclusion of Liability

NY Education Law, Article 135, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health Technology: Veterinarian Service, Inclusion and Exclusion of Liability

Pets are Part of “Agriculture and Market Law”

Animal Legal & Historical Center: New York statutes comprising the state’s anti-cruelty provisions. Pets are part of “McKinney’s Agriculture and Markets Law” and under § 350. Definitions: 5. “Companion animal” or “pet” means any dog or cat, and shall also mean any other domesticated animal…

Animal Abuser Registry

NY Bill S1594A-2013: Creates the animal abuser central registry, and to require that certain convicted animal abusers register with such registry

Defining Pets in NY State Based On Bill Passed

NY Bill A1000-2011: Allows persons 62 years or older in any housing project to keep common household pets”

Creates First and Second Degree Pet Theft Offenses

NY Bill S2336A-2013: Creates first and second degree pet theft offenses

Another Bill Defining Pets in NY State

NY Bill S1495-2013: Includes the theft of dogs and cats within the crime of grand larceny in the fourth degree (a class E felony) in certain cases

Restricts the Performance of Surgical Devocalization Procedures

Animal Law Committees

New York City Bar Association