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Anonymous Complaint Against Dr. Jacobson Of Farmingville Animal Hospital – NY

Farmingville Animal Hospital Dr. Jacobson Dr. Jacobson has his associate veterinarians working on commission (more…)

Andy Marvels’ Story – NY

THE VETS FROM HELL. State slow to act after animal horrors

SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2005, (more…)

Andrew Higgins’ Story – CA

Small Claims Case No. 01WS05885 through negligence lost
and destroyed the remains of my (more…)

Amy’s Metacam Story – US

My cat had surgery to remove a tumor from his ABD. When he came (more…)

Allie’s Metacam Story – US

My poor Allie was given Metacam on May 10th. Her protein in her urine (more…)

Alex’s Story – NC

At 14, Alex was neither a young dog nor a particularly healthy one.

For years (more…)

Alex’s Story H. – CA

Filed Small Claims Case No. 00WS01209 For Gross negligence in the handling, treatment, care, (more…)

Abby’s Metacam Story – NY

Hi Dave,

I’d really appreciate it if you could post Abby’s story on your website. (more…)

PB’s Story (Pizza Bagel) – MO

Victim of Metcam – 12/3/98 – 10/15/12

9/29/2010…New Information from the makers of Metacam !!