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Sunny’s Story-GA

‘Sunny the Wonder Dog’: A love story


The Times I’ll never win the lottery, (more…)

Veterinarian Accused Of Abusing Drugs During Animal Surgeries – WA

Kirkland veterinarian accused of abusing drugs during animal surgeries; license suspended again!


Hercules’s Story- Africa

Hercules was the most remarkable child I have ever had, he remains in my (more…)

Veterinarian Peter Rule Slapped And Punched Dogs And Much More – WA

Ferndale veterinarian accused of punching, taunting animals

Veterinarian Andrew Carlton – In Possession Of Injury Documentation – AZ

Dr. Andrew Carlton, Chief Veterinarian in possession of injury documentation

“Since November 2009, the Arizona (more…)

Prescription Complaint Anonymous – US

AnimalRightsUnited “Wrote”

4 years ago in reply to Intimidator355

I agree you are money grabbing greedy uncaring people. (more…)

Animal Hospital In Fairfax Station Euthanized Dog Without Consent – VA

Owners of Euthanized Dog May File Lawsuit

Allen and Alison Holmes, of Occoquan, lost their (more…)

Animal Doctor Raped A Horse – OK

Vet: Dr Thomas Lyle Wilson was arrested and charged with crimes against nature after (more…)

Veterinarian Andrew Manesis – 4 misdemeanor charges – NY

Veterinarians react to allegations colleague dumped dead pets
June 1, 2012
By: Jennifer Fiala
For The (more…)