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Stratford Animal Control:Abuse Of Power

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Stratford Animal Control:Chickens come home to roost

By Michael (Patch (more…)

Premarin A Deadly RX


Premarin is the top selling synthetic hormone (estrogen) replacement therapy drug for women sold (more…)

Veterinarian Board- State by State Corruption, Greed, Apathy

The pet care industry has long recognized, and cashed in on the value we (more…)

Table of State Laws that Protect Animals Left in Parked Vehicles

  • Author: Rebecca F. Wisch
  • Publish Year:  (more…)


ELISEO MARTINEZ, JR., et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. ENRIQUE ROBLEDO, Defendant and Respondent. (more…)

Ending Animal Abuse

Please sign and share the petition.

note that #1 on the petition asks for same (more…)

Making A Case For Non Property Status

Throughout history radical thinkers were considered crazy but we know that that they were (more…)

How “Lucky’s Law” Would Create Jobs

The passage of “Lucky’s Law,” to which this site is dedicated, would not only (more…)

Vacine Dangers

Federal Lawsuit Says State Veterinary Board Violates Antitrust Laws

Vacinating Your Pet?

This was taken from “Educate Before You Vaccinate”

Do yourself a favor read the article (more…)