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Help strengthen New York’s animal cruelty laws!

I am a full supporter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. They do important (more…)

Vaccine Associated Sarcoma

“Educate before you vaccinate”
For more on this topic, read about Angel Kitty Kat at (more…)

Breed-Specific Anesthesia?

Since veterinarians and other veterinary medical professionals are not held accountable for malpractice, as (more…)

A Case For a “Pets Medical Bill Of Rights”

Akron, Ohio police said that Brandi A. Tomko, a 35-year-old previously-convicted heroin addict, is (more…)

Dirty Instruments Used In Surgery

Filthy surgical instruments: The hidden threat in America’s operating rooms
How dirty medical devices expose (more…)

What is your negative energy and stress costing you?

Our energy affects our companions; this is a message and a lesson that I (more…)