Bo Bo Bear’s Story – TX


Bo Bo Bear’s destruction resulted directly from the care of David Faulkner, D.V.M

Only in America are the laws written so that: “Justice is for those who may afford it.”

June 17, 2006

Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

333 Guadalupe Street

Suite #3-810

Austin, Texas 78701


Re: David Faulkner, DVM

     License# 5248



Dear Board Members,

Enclosed please find a formal complaint, attachments, files and evidence concerning David Faulkner D.V.M and the Hope Veterinary Clinic, Amarillo Texas, owned by him.

It is my belief that this will prove negligent care with professional   misconduct in the care of my K-9 entrusted to his care as a  veterinarian. A supposed ethical professional, under oath, to provide  medical care to animals,  under laws and guidelines of this profession.  Controlled and supervised by the  office of   “The Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners “,   who issue this license and are bound by law to protect the public concerning these matters.

My animal was a rare black and white Lhasa Apsos (K-9),  a certified issued assistance animal, protected under many laws, state and federal.   The Tibetan Lhasa Apsos is considered a sacred animal of Tibet.  He was highly trained, extremely intelligent, chosen for the keen hearing abilities of this breed.   His name is   “Bo Bo Bear” and this is the reference to him within the framework of this complaint.

Bo Bo Bear’s destruction resulted directly from the care of David Faulkner and his methods of treatment while in his supposed protection as a professional Doctor of Veterinary medicine.  Bo Bo suffered a very cruel unnecessary death due to this; a nightmare that will continue for me throughout my lifetime.

I would ask the Board to also look at the complete previous records of David Faulkner, disciplinary action and of other complaints filed, for a pattern of the same violations over the years he has been in practice, licensed by the Board. I have found this personally, through Board records, also other sources,  I assure you it is very obvious his intent to do whatever he wishes, whenever and however he wishes, without thought of rules of the profession is evident. To him, the Board is very far away, and he depends on the fact that most people have no idea how to file a complaint, or even that they can. It is my belief that had his license been  revoked years ago, many animals, mine included would have benefitted greatly, some  even alive today.

Bo Bo Bear was of great importance in my life, not just a pet. He had an assignment, also an important job, he took very seriously. He is not replaceable in any manner. He was loved deeply, and considered one of the family.  He was not  JUST A DOG .

Please look into this matter deeply, with honesty, respect, and responsibility entrusted to you by your elected appointed position and office.

Respectfully Submitted

For: Bo Bo Bear

Betty Garrity



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