Blackjack’s Story – NY

He came to become Blackjack.This relationship started in 1999…

by Ricky A Schiller

On May of 2011 I noticed Blackjack was urinating a lot and he would lay behind the couch after eating where it was kind of dark and make grunting noises.

I thought he was just content. How wrong I was. He was drinking a lot of water and one day I gave him a bath and notice he lost weight.I made an appointment with Blackjack’s vet. The diagnose was thyroids. Blackjack was treated and hopefully on the road to a full recovery.

Then one day a I was concerned and called the vet and they were on vacation. I was told to take Blackjack to an emergency hospital out of town. When we got there I was crying but was assured that Blackjack was not dieing and he’ll be fine and back to normal in a few months. They treated him for thyroids and took X-rays. I then decided to keep Blackjack in town for his medical problems and chose a 3rd vet hospital. They treated him and also assured me that this was not a death sentence for Blackjack so his thyroid treatment continued. In August of 2011,I notice Blackjack was walking funny on his back legs and I called Animal Hospital of Woodstock, his 3rd vet and was told to bring him in right away. Trybus looked at Blackjack and stated he was throwing blood clots to his back legs..I was informed to treat Blackjack with IV’s of heparin & plavix. This went on for three weeks and Blackjack’s back legs got worse. He was now dragging his back legs around. I was devastated.

Blackjack’s last Dr. visit Trybus examined Blackjack and told me that 98% of the time this treatment does not work, this was three weeks from the 1st visit with a 3rd vet. I was advised to euthanize my little buddy Blackjack. I never cried so damn hard, this was my buddy,my family, Blackjack was the world to me,my only family I had. I left there with my Blackjack and I was determined to get help for Blackjack.

I contacted a 4th vet in town,a well known Dr, that I had heard about. I made an appointment and took my little boy in to be examined. Within the 1st 10 minutes this highly trained specialist examined Blackjack and stated to me that this was not blood clots(Saddle Thrombosis) that his 3rd vet said he had but something neurological. We did blood test that morning and Carmichael said, his organs were healed, “He’s got the organs of a new cat.” Mind you months before Blackjack liver and kidney were in bad shape.Now we just need to figure out what’s going on with his back legs. I made an appointment for Oct. 27 2011,we saw an acupuncturist- 4th vet. X-rays and acupuncture were done so Blackjack and I headed home. This had been a long journey for me and Blackjack all the different medicines,at different times of the day exercising his back legs three times a day.On the same day Two hours later,Dr.Grudy another vet called and said that he had bad news. That she looked at the original X-rays from Blackjack’s 2nd vet and noticed something abnormal on his back spine. She stated that she blew up the X-rays and compared them to the X-rays taken that day and that Blackjack has a lesion or tumor growing on his 4th vertebra, that’s why he lost the use of his back legs.

I then took my little boy on Oct.31 2011 to Wisconsin University and was seen by specialist there. They also said the same thing that it was a tumor or lesion growing on my little boys 4th vertebra and if it was caught two or three months sooner the outcome would be different. They were now telling me my little boy was paralyzed in his back legs and to think of his quality of life and to put him down. Me and Blackjack left there for a 2 ½ hour ride back home. I cried all the way home. That day when we got home around noon, I took carried Blackjack in so he could use his rubbermaid lid litter box( had a $300.00 electronic litter box, could not maneuver in it anymore). I was not going to let this misdiagnose and $5,500 in vet bills( In debt today still) take my little boy away. I still continued with his thyroid medication,half of steroid pill every other day and exercising his back legs.

The 1st week in April 2012 my little boy Blackjack started to walk on all four legs again, what a miracle everyday I would pray for my Blackjack for God to send a Angel to heal him. On April 5 early evening I watched Blackjack jump over a TV tray, 3 ½’ tall. He used his back legs to spring of the floor. Friday April 6 2012 Blackjack was standing on all four legs. I scooped him up and carried him into kitchen( normal routine) to clean him up and feed him, when I sat him ever so gently on counter by sink I notice a chunk of litter in his tail and as I tried to cut it off his tail he slipped on his side on counter and fell. I thought from that moment on that he might had gotten hurt. I kept a close eye on him that entire day,even calling his 4th vet and was advised to give him a baby aspirin and half of steroid pill. My little boy never pulled out of this, on Sat.April 7 2012 at 4:45am I was in bed and my little boy let out 3 loud screams and I ran from my bedroom into living room he seemed to be ok After about 25 min. I went back to bed and then again at 6:45am Sat. April 7 2012 Blackjack let out three more curling screams and I ran into the living room to find my little boy in dire straights, I tried every vet in the county and nobody wanted to help my Blackjack. By then I had spent over $6,000 on my little buddy and now I was broke and in debt. I left my house at 8:15am to see if his 4th vet was opened but they were closed so I rushed home and frantically called around for help. At a few minutes before 9:00am I could see my most precious boy was dieing and at exactly 9:00am April 7 2012, my little buddy died in my arms in our living room. My Blackjack was gone. Never to play, be held, go for walks,treats in bed, watch the lightning bugs with, breakfast, dinner, lay on my shoulder, his kisses no more.

It’s been over six months and I have my little boy Blackjack in the house with me in an airtight water,fireproof security box,to precious to throw dirt on.



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