Abby’s Metacam Story – NY

Hi Dave,

I’d really appreciate it if you could post Abby’s story on your website. When I was found out she had been poisoned and was in Acute Renal Failure, your website was a vital resource. I think her story can help others.

Many thanks,

Long Island, NY

It all started with an accident. An accident followed by a series of best intentions that led to the unbelievable.

Our 8 month old kitten, Abby, was playing in a heap of blankets heading for the laundry room, when my husband accidentally stepped on Abby’s tail. We took her to the vet and after an exam and an x-ray; she was diagnosed with a broken tail. Our poor little baby. We felt terrible, guilty, horrible. When we asked what treatment would consist of, we were told only time would help. The tail would heal on its own in about 6 weeks. Abby was givenAbby's Story - Lucky's Legacynan injection for the pain. An “anti-inflammatory” to help relieve pain and pressure. After a few days, Abby was limping around & seemed to be less mobile than before she’d gone to the vet. We called the vet and were given a prescription to Metacam. We were told that this was the liquid form of the injection Abby received in the office. We gave her 3 doses in 4 days and she did not get any better. In fact, she was lethargic, stopped eating, and vomiting. We googled metacam and were shocked and frightened. We took Abby to the 24-hour Veterinary Hospital where she was diagnosed with Acute Renal Failure due to drug-induced toxicity. Her heart and kidneys were shutting down and the words “humane euthanasia” were spoken. Words can’t describe the emotions we felt at this time. Anger, at the Veterinarian (not the 24-hour Vet), sadness, at the thought of losing this little baby. Confusion at how something that was prescribed to help her put her in fatal danger. Guilt that an accident left us all in this horrible, horrible predicament.

Abby was in the ICU for 5 days. After the second day of aggressive IV therapy, there was hopeful news. Her BUN and Creatinine, which were off the charts upon her admission, were beginning to drop significantly. On day three of hospitalization, Abby was eating and drinking water. Day five brought the news were waiting for. Her BUN and Creatinine were within normal range. We were going to pick her up and bring her home the following day! After a rough few days recovering at home, she was back to her old self. A week later, Abby had her levels re-checked, and they remained within normal rage.

The staff at LIVS in Plainview, Long Island were miracle workers. They saved Abby’s life. She returned to LIVS when she was one year old, and better news- Abby had maintained her recovery. We were extremely lucky. I post this here to give hope to all those innocent cats and heartbroken cat-parents affected by the misuse of Metacam in cats. We were a success story.

Here’s to Abby, and her brother Jack. The thought of losing her was almost too much to bear, and we appreciate every day with her and all of our furry babies.

Source:Abby’s Metacam Story – NY

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