Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Complaint #8

 Erica L. Island Park, NY wrote on 4/29/2014

Like someone said in one of the reviews here -to many cooks in the kitchen-everyday i called i could never get one dr who knew what was going on-my poor dog didnt get proper treatment she needed until they found something in her lung that i was told they “overlooked” at a few thousand dollars every 3 days i was giving to them they finally found out after 9 days!?? then operated on her and she died!!! 8000 dollars later (and they are very into payment up front) i got to cremate my dog to get her home-id never use them again.Now i would have paid double that to get my girl back so it wasnt the money just so bad they way they handled my dog -i felt like each day each vet or vet in training got to make a diagnosis that day lie and experiment! -then i would get another telling me something dif maybe even a few hours later! really so hard to understand and i wish they understood how much i cared for my girl and she wasnt just some test kit for the day!!!!!!

2/25/2014 Previous review

To many cooks in the kitchen! we brought our dog in she was having trouble breathing -they did blood tests and xrays of her stomach -she was put on meds for stomach irritation and they found a heart murmur-they decided to do an endoscopy and take a tissue sample-she went under for this procedure-didnt find anything and this is going on day 5 we went to see her and she looked the same with deep breathing -they finally did a chest xray and told me that she may have asperated (sp) and now have pneumonia so put her on antibiotic ,next day they decide its not and maybe a twisted lung lobe and needed to operate to take it out -i spoke to dr fondocaro (owner of hospital and dr) on a thurs day 8 and he said they would operate the next day friday-i as sick to my stomach of the thought of them putting her under again but had no choice -i get a call the next morning from a dr in training who says the lump looks smaller so they arent going to operate-confused the hell out of me and i yelled at them for the run around , then that night a dr calls (not fondocaro since he said he would be off friday ) and this dr says they want to do a broncoscopy and a ct scan to check lobe further,i said someone just told me the lobe looked smaller so what the hell is going on -so under my dog goes again she comes out of it but not hasnt eaten in all these days and each day each a dr or assistant i spoke to had a dif process from the other-so they do the ct etc and find the lump is on the left lung not the right like dr fordocano said to me on thurs! thank god they did the ct scan or she would have been operated on the wrong side!!!!!! Now this was friday and they decide they will take the lobe out saturday but i should come meet the surgeon and do paperwork(which is there way of saying pay-up) 8000.00 later i pay for them to operate -surgeon says they got it out and she came out of anethesia once again on saturday-i called 9 that night before i went to sleep and they had to put her in oxygen because her level dropped, they kept her in it all day sunday-i called sunday a few times and at night again they said she was resting and they upped her pain meds because they found a air bubble buy her drainage tube and they were going to revalute in the morning-monday the 24th -in the middle of the night my husband answers the phone and yells they are trying to revive my dog! they called back and i went into shock screaming to keep working on her!!!!!!!!! they said they already were for 20 minutes and couldnt keep going -she was dead!!!!!!!!! My poor baby was there for 10 days!!!!!! and not one dr seemed to confer with another -i never spoke to the same person who knew what the other was doing and how can dr fondocano tell me he was going to operate on my dog on friday without doing a ct scan like the other dr did??? total in incompetence as far as im concerned -i knew my dog was sick and thought i took her to the best place with 24 hour care but it was horrible and so costly and i would and did scrape money together to save my dog and she died there instead.I would never use this hospital again -if i had one good dr working on my dog and who kept up on her progress instead of 4 different ones this maybe have had a different outcome,today is the second day since she died and i have not gotten a phone call or anything from this hospital to say what happned or sorry! Never again!!!!!! the only person who was upset and cried along with us was a nurse in the back who was with my dog most of the time and when we went out to see her after she passed she was there she crying so badly and loved our dog and thats the only nice thing i could say in this whole situation. they should also have some one decent at the entrance who stays off the cell phone and gets annoyed when you ask a question maybe someone who really cares about animals and then im waiting to see the surgeon and am nervous for my dogs care and am waiting and waiting ,i look over at the girl i spoke to when i came in and on her comp screen is coach pocketbooks!!!!!

(Many complaints on yelp were made due to lack of compassion, understaffed, exorbitant pricing,  price gauging. Also despite being an emergency facility 24/7 do not have emergency staff 24/7 and borderline negligent)


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