Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Complaint #7

Amélie S. Islip, NY wrote on 7/14/2014

DO NOT GO THERE PLEASE !!! We went there because our cat was vomiting since a few days, she was stressed because we had just moved. We already knew what was wrong, she often vomits due to stess. She just needed an anti-vomiting shot. The blond lady, after examining the cat, took her in the back room for no reason. She came back 15 min later with a bill of $700 dollars (blood test, x-ray and I don’t remember what else). We refused and she was trying to make us believe that she ate a piece of plastic or an object. We insisted and finally got a bill of $150 for an anti-vomiting shot. They took the travel bag with them… 30 min after, we still didn’t know what was going on with our cat. She was still in the back room. They finally called us so we take her out of the cage because they could not do it… Seems like she bit someone but she never bit someone ever before this. The question is : What is my cat doing in a cage and what did they do to her so she bits someone ?!?! We went in the back room, it was full of cages along the wall. My previous cat was in there terrified, I took her in my arms and they did the anti-vomiting shot which means that she was for aroung 45 minutes for no reason in a cage, when she could have stayed with us. They tried to tell us that it was a big mistake not to pay for all these tests. We took her back home and we realized that she had a claw on her back foot missing and full of blood. What the heck did they do to her ? It has been 5 days. Our cat is not vomiting, she is alright with this issue but she has difficulties to walk because of her missing claw. It is very painful for her and we are going to have to visit another vet for this… That was the worst veterinarian experience that we ever had !!!



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