Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Complaint #1

S K. Montauk, NY wrote on 1/16/2015

Doesn’t even deserve one star! All they care about is money. I took my 9 month old puppy there for surgery for “ectopic ureter”. Well they opened her up and realized that there was nothing wrong. They did a biopsy of her bladder and other tests. They should have put a catheter in but they didn’t so they had to put her out again to put it in…which they charged me for even though they made a mistake. I wanted to visit but they said it wasn’t a good idea. I was finally able to pick her up a few days later. When I did she was covered in urine and her back end with poop. She also lost a lot of weight and looked extremely unhappy. I took her home and she peed herself all night,,,which they said was normal! Well turns out she had a urinary tract infection that they new about days before but didn’t treat. She also had a very high fever and her surgical wound was infected. I, of course went to my regular vet to get that fixed. She also had to wear diapers for WEEKS after the surgery cause she would leak so much. They only made her worse. When I tried to call the vet to discuss this I was told she was “unavailable” and would call back…which never happened. The receptionist was also extremely rude! She was getting annoyed with me for calling so many times. All these people care about is money. My dog was clearly treated horribly and they didn’t give me any kind of break on the bill, even though they messed up numerous times and cut her open for no reason. My bill came to $4,896. That is not including the expenses at the other vet to treat the UTI and infection. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR PET TO THIS PLACE!

(Many complaints made against VMCLI were made due to lack of compassion, under-staffing, exorbitant pricing, and price gauging. Also despite being a 24/7 emergency facility they do not have emergency staff 24/7 and are borderline negligent)

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