Singer’s Story

Marzena Golonka- (a picture is worth a million words)
Quack Vet Medicine (Update 7)

Singers Story - Lucky's LegacySingers Story - Lucky's Legacy

Post surgical AI photos taken tonight. As if I hadn’t had enough problems dealing with this horrible vet, Dr Shura Bugreeff (Noah’s Ark Veterinary Hospital in Victor, Montana), now something is very wrong with Singer and she is swollen and perhaps infected. She is running a 103.3 F temperature. Could just be a trapped pocket of fluid. Or not.

And here is what she looked like at 1AM when the incision started draining pus and fluid…

Singers Story - Lucky's Legacy

March 4, 2011 update: Abdominal inflammation (beyond the abdominal wall) and according to my vet most probably due to improper technique. Massive infection. Uterus seems unaffected. Currently administering Clavamox antibiotic and Metacam for inflammation. Neither of these drugs should affect zygotes or embryos, IF there are any. Recheck on Monday. Singer is perky and in good spirits, just a little stowed up and stiff in her back end.

March 5, 2011 update: I think there is some improvement today. The abdominal mass doesn’t feel as hard, or as high up. Singer doesn’t act as sore as she did last week. Very little drainage and no temp. etc.

March 6, 2011 update: Not worse, not much better. After two and half days of meds, I’m a little disappointed there hasn’t been more improvement. :/

Singers Story - Lucky's Legacy

March 7, 2010 update: Things are under control today. Inflammation has retreated to the abdominal wall, no risk of herniation, etc. Antibiotics for another week and (hopefully) all will be well in time. At this time, the uterus appears unaffected. Singer is young, so if she doesn’t have puppies this time around, hopefully she’ll get another chance at it next year. High price to pay for this kind of knowledge though. :/

March 8, 2010 update: Fantastic improvement today! Really looks good. Redness is gone. Another day or two and my Ting Ting will be back to normal. 😀

March 31, 2011 update: Ultrasounds (with specialist) reveal neither Ruby nor Singer are pregnant. Obviously I’m disappointed, but not surprised considering the overwhelming level of dishonesty, misrepresentation and incompetency displayed by Montana’s WORST vet clinic.

April 5, 2011 update: Toby had a third (and final) semen analysis done with a third vet, which was consistent with the first one diagnosing critically low sperm count. Recall that this was the catalyst to scheduling the surgical AI’s with FROZEN semen. Not sure how Dr Bugreeff came to her he’s got “great semen” conclusion (beer goggles?), but obviously we didn’t get any puppies from it, so I conclude it’s just more proof of her seriously bad judgement and lack of skill. I am now left wondering if we’d have puppies had she used the frozen semen that I spent over $1500 having shipped to her crap clinic, and ultimately back to Colorado when I realized what an over puffed fruit cake she was. Of course that would assume she could even interpret a simple progesterone test properly…which, at this point, I seriously doubt.

Avoid this vet entirely, my friends. I’d be afraid to have this creep spay a pound dog.

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