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Metacam is not researched and manufacture recommended for cats. There have been a significant number of cats to die or suffer irreversible kidney damage as a result of Metacam. 

My cat Shadow had two doses of Metacam, crashed, became non-responsive and now has CRF. He is not an isolated case of kidney disease due to Metacam. When I learned of the harm Metacam can do and contacted the manufactures, I learned they have assigned representatives taking information from cat owners calling to compliant of kidney damage side effects. They reported Shadow’s kidney damage to the FDA and sent me a letter noting their action. When I asked them what they were doing to info vets of this side effect, I was told when vets call them with a question they will refer them to an on-line article. If this were happening in human medicine, we would be seeing a BLACK BOX WARNING on METACAM.

Metacam is only recommended one dose by pre-surgical injection such as spaying………again not research based on cats at all. Which again should raise questions……why does it need to be pre-surgical to be safely used. Many drugs are used off label and help our cats out wonderfully, Metacam is an off label drug
used in cats that is very harmful.

There’s an absence of peace from my heart and life…my world has lost a
wonderful little man with Big Blue Eyes.

…………………………………..Worry in My Eyes…..(5/06)……..

My sweet little man

Appetite go awry

I look into your beautiful blue eyes

reflects the worry in my eyes.

My calm gentle Shadow

Energy ever so low

You efforts to offer a kitty smile

Turns on the worry in my eyes.

My precious feline friend

Kidneys failure leaves you ill

Fluid, pills and blood draws

Proclaim the worry in my eyes.

Each day a bonus day

Kidneys and Pancreatic woes

Replace health and life

Fills the worry in my eyes

Kitty Hugs and Kisses

Few justified hisses

Tears roll down my cheek

Releases the worry in my eyes.

My love for you my little Shadow man

From moment to moment

Hope for another day with you

Easing the worry in my eyes.

I love you my dear Shadow Man!!!!!!!

I’m sorry

For the worry in my eyes!!!!

I spent some time alone with Shadow and made the toughest decision I’ve had to make since Shadow’s metacam induced diagnosis of kidney disease. I knew the fluids around his heart/lungs, pneumonia, decreased tolerance of Sub Q’s, increased creatinine, phosphorous were now asking so much of him and hitting a risky crisis. I had no promise he would survive sedation and the threat he may die home alone by drowning in fluids gave me horrible visual images. I decided to allow Shadow to leave in my arms peacefully. I had hoped I would be able to tell him bye, comfort him without tears and let his last experience with me be
calm. I had sniffles, and remained calm until the sedative began to work and then I held him until his last breath and for a long time afterwards. and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and now it feels like I will cry forever now. I wished for pictures as he looked so peacefully and I realized just how stressed this little man had been for a while now. The vet tech appeared with a camera, I got pictures. We trimmed a few locks of fur and I specially chose some fur from around his heart and he was a cat with such a huge heart. There were lots of tears, hugs at the vet clinic today. Just before Dr. B gave the final injection, I asked him if he would make me a promise. I asked him to promise not to use metacam in any
cats. I stayed at least a couple of hours holding, kissing, caressing Shadow and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. God it was so horrific to give up his soft, furry body and leave with an empty carrier. It took me forever to leave

Once the pain eases, I may make it my mission in the memory and honor of Shadow to stop the use of metacam in cats so his CRF and death will not be meaningless.


Katmom, when you look into my beautiful blue eyes, see my love

I know when you give me pills, you make me feel better

When you squirt the water gently into my mouth

You help my medicine safely make its way to my tummy.

Katmom, when I shuffle by your legs, please feel my love

I want you to know I love you too

When you pick me up for a hug and kiss

Your touch warms my fur for the day.

Katmom, when I growl, please know I love you

The needle stick hurts me, not you

Remember, after a few minutes I purr more often

I know the fluids you are injecting make me feel better.

Katmom, when I extend my paw from my sleeping bowl

It’s my touch of love to you

Even when I’m sleeping soundly in my bowl

My beautiful blue eyes see you in my dreams.

Katmom, I’ve been making more memories of you lately

Many are loving, some are funny and a few annoying

I don’t like the syringe feedings nor being stalked by my litter box

But the finger feedings of lamb and pea under the bed

Cleaned litter for all my peeing, hugs and kisses are the best.

Katmom, I still love you when I have to go to the vet

blood draws, x-rays, poking and prodding helps take care of me.

We know tomorrow is a big day, the question IBD or lymphoma

No matter what the diagnosis, Katmom, I’ll always love you.

Katmom, one day soon or even a day sometime later,

My pancreatitis, failing kidneys or even lymphoma may take me away

Please know how much I love you, my Katmom,

Years of great memories and gratitude will go with me

Not just the memories of the time I didn’t feel well.

Katmom, only cry a little on the days I’m here and less after I leave,

Remember, I’ll always let you know how much I love you.

Just hold my paw, kiss my head and look into my beautiful blue eyes

see my love and feel my thanks for all my memories.



I love you Shadow.
Mr. Shadow (6-20-1992-11-29-2006) and Lorraine



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