Severely Neglected Dog Abandoned in Front of Animal Hospital & Animal Hospital Does Nothing – NY

This is so pathetic that it is almost beyond comprehension! This severely neglected cocker spaniel was left in front of the Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital in Buffalo, NY which is sad enough in itself but what makes this even worse is that when the animal hospital got a call that the dog was there, all they did was take some water out and call the Buffalo County Animal Shelter. They didn’t try to help the dog at all!! This is an animal hospital for God’s sake!!

To make matters worse, 24-hours later the poor dog was still sitting there. Buffalo County animal control says they went out but the dog ran away. The SPCA picked the dog up when it was called and took it to be care for. When they managed to shave the mats off the dog, the dog, which should have weighed 30-lbs, weighed only 9-lbs.
“We can’t tell right now if his kidneys are shut down…” said Veterinarian Karen Moran.
“There is something seriously wrong with this dog. Anyone that works in a veterinary hospital, I don’t care if it is a clerk to the hospital or up to the veterinarian, could determine that this dog was suffering,” said Carr.
Oddly enough when someone went to the Animal Hospital there was a sign on the door that it was the doctor’s day off. Hmmmm, surprising! Wonder if that was the normal schedule?
I am just appalled that an animal hospital, some place that is supposed to care for and treat animals would leave that poor dog to suffer on the sidewalk outside for 24-hours! I hope this story gets out far and wide and they lose every customer they have!! Why couldn’t they take that poor baby in and devote just a little time to care? Would that have really been too much to ask? Guess that doc didn’t get into his biz for the love of animals! Bastard!

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UPDATE – Vet Speaks Out

The dog, who has been dubbed “Red” by the staff at the SPCA is hanging in there for now. Below is some info from the SPCA website on him:
Upon arrival the emaciated and dehydrated dog, dubbed “Red” and estimated to be just three years old, was administered intravenous fluids and vitamins. Weighing in at only seven pounds (a cocker spaniel’s normal weight is 28 – 30 pounds), Red received a full examination and his thick mats were shaved. According to SPCA veterinarian Dr. Karen Moran, Red is suffering from kidney malfunction and may have other internal damage. Although he is showing signs of improvement, his condition is guarded.

“We are doing everything we can to save this dog’s life,” says Debby Williams, SPCA veterinary services manager. “Unfortunately, in such severe starvation cases, there could be so much going on internally of which we are unaware, and his life is still in tremendous danger. We keep reminding ourselves of this fact, but taking it one day at a time in these cases is so difficult…everyone here has already fallen in love with Red and has become so attached to him. He’ll be receiving plenty of TLC with practically round-the-clock care.”

“What we have here is a serious breach of ethics, as far as I’m concerned,” said Barbara Carr, SPCA executive director. “A dog was in need of life-saving attention, was steps away from the entrance to a veterinary clinic, and was ignored and neglected. I can’t say why the choice to ignore the dog was made, but I can say that the SPCA cannot allow an animal to be treated this way without voicing a public opinion, without making formal complaints, and without opening an investigation into the matter. I suspect the animal-lovers of our community are as outraged as we are.” Carr adds, “Animals with contagious illnesses are treated on a daily basis at veterinary clinics filled with other animals receiving treatment. That’s what veterinary clinics are for. They are equipped to isolate and deal with animals that may be contagious to other animals.”

An SPCA investigation into this case was opened this morning. A formal complaint against the Anderson Inner City Animal Hospital was made to New York State by the SPCA yesterday.


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