Ronnie’s Metacam Story – WA

On the 12th of October my cat Ronnie was taken to a vet for a pulled muscle in his neck.

The vet said that he was fine but put him on a pain medication (Metacam) anyways. He was given 0.6cc of the 1.5 solution for 3 days. Exactly two weeks after stopping the Metacam, Ronnie began getting sick. he wouldn’t eat, drink, didn’t want any affection, could not use the litter box, was lethargic, couldn’t move around around without pain, vomiting, could not breathe through his nose. We took him to our new vet in to the Emergency vet in Wenatchee, WA. Our vet ran every test he could think of and even did an x-ray, he then asked if our cat had taken any medications recently. We had explained that he did take a pain medication two weeks earlier. We told him yes, that it was Metacam. The doctor kept Ronnie over night and then for the next 5 days, it was the hardest and most stressfull 5 days of my life. On the 5th day, Ronnie still had not eaten or drank anything. The doctor said that it would just get worse with him.

We decided to finally have him put to rest. We all could clearly see how much pain he was in. It has been one month as of today since Ronnie was put down. It has been hard for me to talk about this until now. I blame myself that I had given my cat the Metacam and just trusted my local vet to give my cat a safe medication, which she didn’t. Had I known what a horrible pain medication Metacam is for cats and what it does, I would have refused to administer it.

Our vet did an autopsy on Ronnie after he passed and found that he had internal bleeding in his kidneys. That was why he was in so much pain and could not get better. I did some research on Metacam, it has not been FDA approved for the oral solution on cats.

Though if you contact the FDA and the manufacturers of metacam they will both say that it is up to the vet to dispense it to your pet, and that they will back up the vet regardless of what it does to your pet. So I contacted a malpractice lawyer and he has agreed to take our case. The reason why I am telling you this is because I am grateful that you have this website where we all can come together and share our troubling experience about this drug that they are using our pets to experiment with. I am hopeful that my story like so many other’s will help other victims find a solution for this problem. You may be able to seek legal council as well for the pets you have lost. This will never bring my cat back home to me, but this will enable my vet from ever doing this to another’s beloved pet again.

Thank You for the website of stories



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