Romi’s Rimadyl Story – WA

As a Senior Citizen, Romi was my sole friend and companion dog … my partner died a horrific and cruel death – she was KILLED due to the greed of the drug industry and the lack of ethics in the veterinarian community!


October 29, 1996 – April 25, 2004

On April 13, 2004, I took my beloved Rottweiler “partner”, ROMI, into her trusted veterinarian, Lawrence Williams of the Burien Veterinary Hospital [a suburb of Seattle, Washington] to have her toenails clipped and get her required vaccination shots in response to a reminder card sent by his office.

Little did I know, suspect or would ever have guessed the chain of events that would get put into motion that day. To watch my ‘partner’ die a horrific and needless death was only the beginning.




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