Rigsby’s Metacam Story – Unknown

My cat is suffering with acute renal failure his blood work is very high, especially creatinine…

I have just got him home from the veterinary hospital where he spent nine days. Every single test came back negative.

Rigsby has mild diabetes but he was absolutely fine until he was hit by a car June 19th. After this he was prescribed metacam. His BUN was 12.5 at the time of the accident, tested June 20th. When I got him home 21st June, he vomited immediately after the first dose of metacam that I gave him. I called the emergency vet who told me to reduce the dose by half. This I did for 17 days, until he became progressively weaker, lethargic, vomiting and unable to eat. I took him back to my vet weekly and complained he was not himself etc but they just said it would take a while for him to recover from the accident. Then July 5th when he stopped eating altogether, I took him to the emergency vet who changed his pain meds to opiates. He has never been the same since.

Eventually, my vet did a blood test….september 29th and his BUN was 50!!! It dropped to 30 after 6 days of IV fluids. I am giving him subq fluids at home now – he is also taking fortekor.

Given that all of Rigsby’s tests have come back negative, I wonder whether the metacam caused the kidney damage, or accelerated an undiagnosed condition – I noticed he produced a lot of urine after holding it in for 15 hours in March. If the metacam caused it, does it make any difference to the prognosis/ treatment?

Rigsby is doing quite well by the way – he is not easy to give subqs to but we manage relatively well. So far today he has eaten a sachet and a half of whiskers, a large bowl of dried renal food and has been out and about, bright and communicative. He is sleeping at the moment though….

I would welcome any advice.
God I wish I knew more about this stuff before now….
I wish drug companies didn’t keep harming us all
I would also welcome some hope……



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