Rebok’s Story – TX

Complaint to the State Board against Patricia Ballard, DVM

On March18,2002, Toni Briggs, Carrollton, Texas, presented her I5-year old cat “Rebok” to Patricia Ballard, D.V.M., Carrollton, Texas, for a rabies vaccination and examination. Ms. Briggs told Dr. Ballard that “Rebok” was not eating well, and Dr. Ballard suggested blood work. Ms. Briggs consented to the blood vvork, but when Dr. Ballard returned with the cat about 40 minutes later, Ms. Briggs noticed that the cat had been given an IV and had been placed under isoflourane gas. In addition to drawing blood, Dr. Ballard had clipped the cat’s nails and cleaned his teeth. Dr. Ballard did not charge for the nail clipping and teeth cleaning.

Upon leaving the clinic, Dr. Ballard gave Ms. Briggs “Chinese herbs,” joint medicine and cat food samples for “Rebok.” Ms. Briggs did not sign a consent fornl accepting the herbs an acknowledging that holistic medicine is an alternative therapy in veterinary medicine. Dr.

Ballard suggested chiropractic procedures for the cat, but Ms. Briggs declined. Ms. Briggs later returned the herbs to the clinic for a refund.

The alternative therapies consent form used by Dr. Ballard does not meet the Board’s requirements for chiropractic, acupuncture and holistic medicine.

On April 15, 2002, Ms. Briggs presented her cat to Harold J. Krug, D.V.M .., because the cat had stopped eating. Dr. Krug determined that Dr. Ballard had diagnosed early kidney disease an started IV fluids on the cat. He was not able to determine if any treatment had been suggested aside from the herbs. Dr. Krug did additional lab work that confirmed early kidney disease. Dr. Krug prescribed Cyproheptadine as an appetite stimulate. Later, the cat began to eat better and gained some weight.

Source:Rebok’s Story – TX

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