Nellie’s Metacam Story – Unknown

My beautiful black cat named Nellie just had a clean bill of health in November 2007. She started with a limp on her left front paw. I took her to Met Vet where they took x-rays and then put her on Metacam drops as needed. I continued to give her the drops for 5 days.Nellie then sarted to meow really loud and was throwing up and became lifeless. I took her to the emergency room and also brought her medication with me.The emergency vet COULD NOT believe I was sent home with a full bottle of this horrible medication that said “use as needed” I then found out that Metacam put my poor Nellie into servere kidney failure and her blood cell reading was off the charts!! I was presented with a huge choice of trying to keep her alive for an excessive amount of money or putting her to rest and out or her pain. I choose to put her down and I miss her sooo much. I cant stop crying. I have tried several times to contact the medical director for Met Vet. They still havent returned my calls. So Please,Please dont give this drug to any animal, especially your cat!!!!!!


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