Myloh: A “Mehano-victim” – IL

My Dog Myloh: A “Mehano-victim” of Dr. Edin Mehanovic, Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic, Illinois

This is a long and detailed story, so before I begin below is only a PARTIAL LIST of what Myloh and I experienced at Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Edin Mehanovic. If you are in Illinois or on the Wisconsin border you need to know about this vet. To read the story in it’s entirety with the gory details of what this “cheap priced” doctor that people think is so wonderful did to an innocent dog you have to click on the tab Myloh’s Full Story. Then you can decide for yourself if you would EVER take the chance on bringing your pet to Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic especially when there are SEVERAL other vets in the area!

THREE surgeries. According to Dr. Mehanovic the 1st surgery was necessary based on an X-ray he took, but there was no pre-surgical lab work done, and right now neither I nor Myloh’s new vet have been able to get the X-ray from Wonder Lake. The X-ray is what Mehanovic used to tell me that Myloh needed surgery within less than 30 minutes of being there.

Paw Print Symbol When I went to get Myloh, Dr. Edin Mehanovic screaming in my face and MOCKING me about my inability to pay the difference between the original estimate we had agreed upon, and the bill that was now essentially, A DOUBLED FEE
This incident occurred outside the view of his other clients in the waiting room asDr. “NICE GUY” is SCREAMING about how he can’t pay his mortgage if people like me don’t pay.

PawPrint Symbol Second and third surgeries were need to be done within 20 hours of each other as a result of a giant mass on Myloh’s neck where repeated injections of penicillin were given. Myloh is allergic to penicillin.

PawPrint SymbolDr. Mehanovic almost injecting Myloh with penicillin when I had told him (and I later saw it on the chart that he sent to the new vet) NO PENICILLIN because Myloh is allergic to it. If I hadn’t been there to stop Mehanovic, he would have PLUNGED THAT NEEDLE into my dog. Does he not even read his own records? A vet who brags about having 10,000 customers cannot possibly work from memory and yet he never had Myloh’s records with him in any of the exams.

PawPrint Symbol Pictures of the horrific aftermath of the second surgery including my blood soaked mattress and box spring.

PawPrint Symbol Improperly labeled dispensed drugs with important information left off of the labels.

PawPrint Symbol Record keeping – EPIC FAIL

PawPrint Symbol Inappropriate post-surgical room.

PawPrint SymbolRude, disorganized front desk staff.

PawPrint Symbol A bill that was almost DOUBLE the original pre-surgical estimate, without ever notifying me of any changes to the estimate

If you have ever been to a vet and will regret it the rest of your life we want to hear about it…it can help save lives!



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