Mutley’s Story – MD

My Beloved Cockapoo

We miss him more everyday. It doesn’t get better. We had our first Christmas without him and it was so lonely.

Mutley's Story - Lucky's Legacy

I took my Cockapoo, Mutley to to a clinic, on April 28, 2008 to have a neuter surgery.

About 1 1/2 hours later I received a call, stating “that we are sorry that we lost your dog.” I asked what ,did he run away? they said no he died. I threw the phone down and ran out of the door hoping that they were mistaken. I just knew that it was not my dog. It had to be another dog.

I ran into the room where I saw his lifeless body and screamed in disbelief. I felt so dead and disoriented. I did not know what to do. I asked what did you do to my dog? They stated numerous times “We did nothing wrong.” Over and over.

I found out that he had never had surgery. They injected him with a drug “Xylazine” for sedation and he collapsed and died. I did not find this out until the next week as neither the clinic or veterinarian would talk to me after that.

I asked for a necropsy to be done on my dog because in my gut I knew they did something wrong to my dog. I held him for three hours, I couldn’t leave him. When I laid him down there was a small amount of blood that was never explained why that was there. I tried to call the clinic the next day to ask who owned the clinic and the complete vets name and they told me that it was not my business. They hung up on me. I tried to call the next day and they told me that the vet was busy and have a nice day. I then called everyone I knew, to tell them what had happened.

The clinic called the State of MD Agriculture Office to tell the pathologist not to talk to me about the case. The pathologist did talk to me and explained to me what the results were in terms that I could understand.

The clinic and the veterinarian never once called me in the whole process, except to tell me my dog had died while in there care. The clinic also told my husband (as they never would call me,) that my dog was fully congested in his lungs. They said that he vomited a large amount of food, I had withheld food for almost 14 hours. They lied to me. I talked to the pathologist at MD and asked if my dog was sick and was told no, he was a normal healthy dog. They also called my husband to tell him to tell me to stop telling people that my dog died there or they were going to sue me for my car and every thing I owned.

They again called my husband and told him to go buy a puppy and tell me that he found it on the side of the road to shut me up. They told the State Board that I called them and cursed them out daily and slammed the phone down and kept them on the phone for hours. I have my phone records to prove otherwise. I tracked down the drug manufacturer of the drug that the clinic used on my dog and they tested it to make sure that it was not contaminated. In that process they found that it was not contaminated, the sample lot that they keep with every lot sold. They did say that they did not have the bottle of the drug that the clinic used . They do not know how it was stored at the clinic. They did request the bottle back but was told that they used it all. The drug manufacturer sent me the FDA report in which the drug company filed and it stated that it was not recommended for dogs and cats. Bovine and Cervadae only. It was a highly concentrated bottle 100mg/ml bottle.

The drug company also said that they had not had a single reported case of death for over three years, if not longer. The vet used it as “extra label” usage. I also talked to the head veterinarian at the drug company and he said that he had used this drug for euthanasia on many occasions.

I wrote the Better Business Bureau. The clinic refused to refund me any monies for a surgery that never took place. I also asked for the cost of my dog knowing that they would decline. I needed it on record when I go to court for my civil case which is scheduled for Feb. 2009.

I wrote the Maryland State Veterinary Board who just dismissed my case. After all of the evidence I had, clearly showing that they compromised and ultimately were responsible for the death of my Cockapoo Mutley.

I contacted the ABC local news to tell my story and to let others know so that they won’t have this tragic ending to their pets.

I will not give up, as I owe my loyal beloved Mutley justice. I am extremely devastated and traumatized and will never be the same person I once was. I can’t even take another of my dogs to be altered because of what this has done to me. What little trust I once had is now gone.

My Mutley never made it to his third birthday.
He will never again jump into my arms and give me the big juicy kisses he used to.
He will never again chase squirrels and bark when he sees a rabbit.
He will never lay beside me at night and snore or snuggle to my chest as he once did. My heart is forever broken.
He left behind his mommy (me ) and his lifetime companion, Mindy Lou, who grieved terribly after his loss. He also leaves behind 4 beautiful sons, Yogi, Mookie, Teddy Bear, and Boo Bo.

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