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For months now I have been following developments in the abuse case below — and to my dismay no AR group is addressing this incident (some of them may cease receiving my donations). Links to pictures, updates, etc., are available at the bottom of Ms. Jones website, and I sincerely hope that I am not the only compassionate individual who will insist that the vet clinic (which has not responded to my e-mails) and the S.C. Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners explain themselves. Contact information for each follows this summary:

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My name is Stacie Jones I live in Columbia, South Carolina I just want others to know what happened to my dog. Don’t let your pet be next! (pictures are at the bottom)

This is a very true but sad story that happened to my dog. She is a Rottwieler and her name is Precious. She had a infection called Pymetria. It is a infection of the uterus and is life threatening. Our Veterinarian told us that she had to be spayed that this was the only way to get rid of this infection and to be sure that it never came back. She had to be put on a strong antibiotic to get the infection under control first. This took 2 months.The Veterinarian then said he wanted to wait until she went into heat the next time and then 1 week after the heat cycle do the surgery. We wanted what was best for our beloved pet. Well, much to our surprise Precious went into heat the next time one month early. We were not even aware she had gone into heat until we saw her and our male dog locked up in the back yard. Yes, she got pregnant. I called my veterinarian the following day and he said that she would not be able to carry the puppies. The pregnancy would be to much for her body to handle. He quoted a fee of $800.00 and it could go higher if there are any complication. I talked to seven other veterinarians and they all agreed that she should not continue the pregnancy and the fees were around the same. We could not afford this much but, we love Precious so very much. She is part of the family.

I called the Columbia SPCA “Humane Society”. I told them about the infection and the pregnancy. They said they would do the spaying and would take good care of her. There fee was $145.00 We talked to the SPCA several times before the surgery. They were very aware of the condition that Precious was in. On January 27,2003 at 8:00 am we took Precious to the SPCA for the spaying. At 12:00 pm we received a phone call from the SPCA.

They said everything was fine and that Precious was doing very well. They wanted to keep her over night because she was a large dog. They also said she was so well behaved for being such a large dog. We went to pick Precious up at 8:00 am on January 28,2003 the following morning. We arrived at the SPCA before the Veterinarian so we had to wait for him to remove the bandage that was around her belly. I asked if I could go get Precious so she could sit with us while we waited for the veterinarian to arrive. I was told yes I could. When the veterinarian finally arrived he walked up behind Precious and grabbed the back of the bandage. This scared her and hurt. She turned and snapped at him. I ask what he was doing and wouldn’t it be better to approach a dog from the front and let her know he was there. After all she did just have surgery and was very sore. Not to mention she may be morning for the loss of her puppies. I was told by the veterinarian (Quote) I have been a Veterinarian for 35 years and I will never put my surgical hands on any dog. (Unquote)

I quickly went outside to get my fiancee to help me. The Veterinarian yelled at us to hold her head. As I sat on the floor the Veterinarian grabbed the bandage again and again Precious snapped at him. Todd told him that something was not right she had never snapped at anyone or any Veterinarian. The Veterinarian then yanked the bandage off of her belly and threw it on the floor. When he did this Precious fell to the floor whimpering and crying. He then mashed her belly very hard and said “I am finished here” He turned and walked away.

After we got Precious home we were able to get a better look at her belly. Two of her teats were sliced half way around. The skin had been ripped off down to the bare flesh. This is why she snapped at him I said. The next day on January 29,2003 I call ed the SPCA and talked to the Director. I told her what had happened and she said she would call me back. Two and a half hours later she called to say that four people were there and they all told her that Precious was out of control and no one including Todd and myself could control her. She also said that they did not like Precious and what the Veterinarian did, there is nothing that can be done about it. Precious was also very dirty when we picked her up. When I ask about this I was told that no one wanted to clean her up after the surgery. Precious is the most loving and kind dog I have ever known. We are truly lucky to be the ones to enjoy such a wonderful dog. Precious now not only has severe wounds added to her belly but, she has changed. When we come close to her she starts to tremble and whimpers.

This is breaking my heart because I know she is hurting and is very scared. Her body will heal in time but the abuse this Veterinarian and the staff has done to her mentally may never heal. We do not feel that the SPCA “Humane Society” took good care of Precious before or after the surgery. We also do not feel that a Veterinarian that does not want to touch an animal should be in the practice of “Veterinarian Medicine”.

My question is, What kind of Veterinarian would do this? Something so abusive and cruel to any animal. Especially one that works with the SPCA the “Humane Society”

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The Columbia SPCA office where the incident happened: Humane Society / SPCA
121 Humane Lane Columbia,SC 29209
Ph: 803-783-1267
E-mail: info at
The vet’s name is DR. Phillip Fidler Katherine Holland (President) Roxanne Rhodes (Executive Director)

S.C. Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
Alana Holmes, Administrator
Meyers Ephrain, Investigator
110 Centerview Drive
PO Box 11329
Columbia, SC 29211-1329
Ph: (803) 896-4598
FAX 803-896-4719
Website: E-mail: motonm at (Mag Moton)




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