Mookie’s Metacam Story – Unknown

Hi Dave,

I am so glad you have this website to warn people to NOT give their cat Metacam. My 19 year old boy Mookie has a sever UTI and was at the emergency vet a week ago for pain & diarrhea from most likely the Baytril. She said he needed relief and I agreed and said the only drug he was ever on was Buprinex as he very sensitive to drugs. She felt that an injection of Metacam would be better as it is an anti inflammatory and painkiller. I was hesitant and said so but she said that Buprinex would only last 6 hours or so.

I kept thinking I didn’t like the idea of anything lasting 24 hours but like most of us, we trust vets. She also gave me 2 syringes for Monday and Tuesday oral doses. I gave him the sub q injection and yes, he slept like a baby and was very very comfortable on Sunday and Monday.

I decided NOT to give the oral Metacam on Monday thinking that the injection was working, why give more than needed. I also gave him his dose of Prednisone on Monday not knowing this cant be combined with Metacam.

I went on the web on Monday and nearly died when I saw what was out there, even their own website!! On Tuesday he had no appetite, was vomiting, the same on Wednesday. I called my regular Vet who said to bring him in today (Friday) as he threw up blood. We ran blood tests and they came back ok but most likely because I give him Sub Q fluids daily for his old kidney problems. Now I have to hope his GI tract is not bleeding from this horrible drug. I have him on Carafate and he threw that up too.

I called the company that makes Metacam and she said it takes FIVE DAYS for this drug to leave the cats system.

I am appalled and shocked that this drug is even considered for use on cats. My boy means the world to me and the thought of losing him over a bad judgment call be someone who went to school for 8 years is just so wrong.

Please don’t use Metacam!!!!

Source:Mookie’s Metacam Story – Unknown

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