Luca’s Metacam Story – Unknown



Just in the faint hope that this may cause another cat owner to pause and think; Metacam killed my beautiful black cat Luca last week.

In fact I killed my cat by giving it Metacam and I will never forgive myself for not investigating more before administering the last fatal dose.

Luca was suffering from arthritic pain in his back, partly my fault too since he was overweight. The vet prescribed Metacam which I duly gave in his food. Over the next few days he ate less and less and I was worried about him. Then he dissappeared for the night and the next morning was in a very bad way. Stupidly thinking he was in a lot of pain from the arthritis I gave him the dose of Metacam that he should have had the night before and phoned the vet for an appointment.

If I had only taken him to the vet immediately he may have survived since the first thing the vet did was a blood analysis showing Creatine, Urea and Vit K off the scale so he was put on IV immediately. He sadly died of a heart attack a few hours later; abandoned at the vets.




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