Lisa’s Story (Anonymous)


The following recently happened to me, but my animal survived. My very old (28) mare developed an abscess in her hoof a few months ago, which is rare for her. The regular vet prescribed some normal things, and all was OK except she was getting worse. Even after a second visit, he had
little else to offer, and his treatments were making her otherwise sick. Within two weeks, she was unable to stand at all. I called in another vet I had used that, I felt, had more experience in this area. Turns out my mare had a broken coffin bone (small bone in the hoof) and an out-of-control
abscess. Nearly required surgery, and we are very lucky we were able to correct it with a heavy bombardment of drugs, as the surgery would have likely done her in.

In my opinion, I waited too long to call in the second opinion, and if the broken bone had gone undetected by the first vet for just a little longer, I would have had to put her down. I could just *tell* that the first vet was clueless, and you’d think he would admit it and call in his senior partner, but I was the one who had to step in and say ENOUGH! Now I pay a little more attention.
If it doesn’t feel right to you, seek another opinion. Forget all that loyalty and trust – you’re not being disloyal by seeking another opinion, and it’s your pet’s LIFE after all.

And, by the way, if you must visit an emergency clinic with your dog, get an appointment with your own vet the very next day as a follow up. They should tell you this, but do it anyway if they don’t!


Advice– Please, have a good relationship with more than just one vet in your area, or at least keep track of another one that your friends, relatives, shelter and training contacts, etc. have used with good success.

If you have an animal with a problem, and the treatments assigned by your vet just don’t seem right to you, and you can’t get answers from your vet that make you feel comfortable, by all
means, seek a second opinion. Vets are humans and make mistakes, and sometimes a second opinion is in order. Your instincts will guide you in this matter.

This is not to say that you should keep seeking opinions until you get one that makes you happy, but if my dog was very ill and my vet was not showing concern, I might take my dog straight on to a second vet that I use as well. Go with the instincts you have – that this vet may be wrong – he just might be.!topic/rec.pets.dogs.rescue/GxoNDurKTTo

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