Leo’s Metacam Story – Unknown

Hi Dave.
My kitty Leo, who was a greater friend and family member than any human, died 2 days ago and we’re all having a horrible time coping. 

I can’t get anything done because I will just cry. The last sight of him was him barely breathing and purring because we came to see him and then he died. Oh my god it was so horrible. We took him to the vet a week ago because he was hiding in the basement. We thought he might of had arthritis pain. The vet prescribed Metacam because his blood work was excellent. He was great the next two days and seemed so much better and then he got really lethargic and sick. he was resting his head on his food bowl. We took him in for an emergency visit and the other vet said he was experiencing kidney failure, most likely from the metacam, and we had to hurry and get him to an emergency clinic and flush his system. It was unsuccessful though. Our relatively healthy Leo, our baby, was killed by this horrible medicine. I want to poison the people who make it or think its good for cats. I have so much anger and want to help in any way i can to stop this.
Thank you,


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