Layla’s Story

Veterinary Malpractice

Layla was an English Setter that our family rescued from being put to sleep at our local animal shelter. She grabbed our hearts from the first moment we met her. In only the few months that we had her she immediately became a member of our family. She was full of personality and you could almost understand what she was saying.

A few weeks ago we took her to our local vet to have her spayed. When she came home her incision looked quite large and she was in a lot of pain but we thought it was normal. My mother paged the vet but he did not return her phone call. Over the next couple of days she was back to her old self again. We did everything by the book. We kept her e-collar on and prevented her from doing anything that was strenuous. Four days after her spay my mom heard her screaming in the bathroom. My mom went running to her and what she saw will haunt her for the rest of her life. There was Layla standing in her internal organs. The incision had busted open and her insides had literally fallen out. My mom was hysterical. Layla was in so much pain that she was biting at everyone. My mom managed to get her in the car and take her back to the veterinarian. It was a Saturday and he was the closest vet that was open. Layla died on the operating table.

The vet told us that it was our fault because she had chewed her stitches out but that was not true. He slapped us with a $1400 bill and refused to take responsibility for his actions. There is something terribly wrong when a dogs insides fall out after a routine spay for no apparent reason.

The same vet that had worked on Layla had also worked on my 14 year old lab a month before after she had been struck by a car. She had broken one of her back legs pretty badly and he informed me that he would have to perform surgery on her or amputate her leg. Although there was no scare I did not doubt his work.

After what happened to Layla I decided to take my lab to another veterinarian who confirmed that she had never had surgery on her back leg. I paid $700 for everything that he said that he did on my dog.

We have written to the Georgia State Veterinary License board about both dogs. We are also filing a malpractice suit against him and his partner. His partner has disciplinary actions against him. I have not yet found out what they are for but i am working on that now.

Although I am not able to say which veterinarian that performed this malpractice, I can tell you that it is a well known veterinary clinic in Villa Rica, Ga. If you or anyone you know has had a problem with a vet in this area please let me know because it could possibly be a class action lawsuit. There are many other people in this area that have experienced unbelievable forms of malpractice with this vet. Please help our community pull his license so another family or animal has to go through what we have been through.

I also would like to thank Julie the founder of S.A.V.E for all of her help and support. Through all of my desperate searching and emails she was the only one that responded and helped me more than she will ever know. It is nice to know that there is someone out there that fight for a great cause. Thank you!!

A message to Layla:

Though you were only with us for a short time, you had a great impact on our lives. I promise I will fulfill my promise to you and never quit fighting on your behalf. You were a special friend and I know that I will see you again. You will never be forgotten and will always be in my heart.

lease help me with any information you have to put this veterinary practice out of business!! If you would like to contact me you may do so via email

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