Daily News – Vets From Hell. State Slow to Act After Animal Horrors – NY

Vet George Vincent refused to treat a 2-year-old pit bull whose owners brought him to Animal Medicine and Surgery in Canarsie, Brooklyn, bleeding from the mouth and leg. Vincent cleaned the dog’s wounds and sedated him, but failed to tell the owners about the dangers of a mouth wound after learning that they couldn’t pay, according to state records.

The owners told the clinic that the dog bled to death a few days later, according to Dr. Ronald Chaikin, who has run the animal hospital since 1978. Vincent was suspended for two months last year and has retired, according to Chaikin. It wasn’t the first time Chaikin’s clinic got in trouble. In 2002, he paid a $10,000 fine after admitting he altered records and allowed unlicensed employees to administer vaccinations and euthanize animals. Chaikin says that at the time he was unaware of a law that prohibits anyone but a veterinarian from euthanizing animals.


Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/archives/news/vets-hell-state-slow-act-animal-horrors-article-1.585246?pgno=1#ixzz2mIPsRZGQ

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