Complaint Filed Against Robert Rooks DVM – All Care Animal Referral Center – CA

Please be aware that All Care Animal Referral Center and Robert Rooks are now in partnership with V.C.A. and it is now called V.C.A. All Care Animal Referral Center.

Rooks appealed his sentencing on Oct 15, 2003 at the Veterinary Medical board and lost.

AUGUST 2003 Veterinarian license number 6717 issued to respondent Robert Lee Rooks and premise permit number 2704 issued to All-Care Animal Referral center are revoked by reason of legal conclusions

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However, the revocation is “stayed” and respondent “Robert Rooks” and “All-Care” are placed on probation for a period of three years and must pay court costs and fines to total $88,300.00 and three years probation. The court found that Robert Rooks practiced deception in veterinary medicine!! Robert Rooks and All Care had a professional connection with an illegal practitioner of veterinary medicine.

Robert Rooks and All Care violated the Veterinary Medical Practice Act. Robert Rooks and All Care permitted unregistered assistants to induce anesthesia in animals.

Judge Meth stated that: “The evidence respondents (Rooks and All Care) knew of and committed acts of deception……………is substantial.” “The evidence clearly established a pattern of practice within All Care to refer to its Drs. as specialists……….Accordingly, the evidence established the respondent (Rooks) was deceptive””All Cares clients came to All Care expecting to have their pets treated by specialists, and All Cares non-licensed employees ensured that that the clients believed their pets were being treated by specialists.” “Respondents (Rooks) claim the actions of his unregistered assistants did not constitute induction is less than flimsy, and showed how far he was willing to go to defend his practice. Respondent (Rooks) has yet to recognize he was wrong”.

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Source:Robert Rooks DVM – All Care Animal Referral Center – CA

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