Chester’s Story- NH

Message: Here is my story: I brought my beautiful sweet very healthy miniature schnauzer to AVC advanced veterinarian care at 55 Carl Dr Manchester NH on October,11 2016. His name was Chester.

ChesterHe had an appointment with Dr Kelloway the owner.  Chester was going in to have one tooth removed. I dropped Chester off at 8:30am and I hugged and kissed him told him I loved him and would see him in few hours.

I got a call at work about 2 pm the Dr said Chester died during the procedure. I was in tears all the way to the AVC. When I arrived the Dr brought me my dead dog-  in a plastic bag in a box.   The Dr. then said to me “next time I should use a board certified veterinarian.”


Wow…  And the Dr never said how he died. A week went by when I receive a letter from AVC explaining what happened.

The owner said that they were using a high speed drill to split the tooth to take it out and air from the drill got into his vain and killed him. Three hours earlier Chester was running around playing with his toys full of life. Chester was the sweetest most gentle dog. He wouldn’t leave my side when I was recovering from my surgery he slept with his head on my shoulder he was my baby.

IMG_20170711_083053488When I wrote the story about what happened to him I was contacted by a board certified specialist veterinarian Dr. Lee Garrod.

Dr Garrod asked me if she could see Chesters’ records. When I gave them to her she told me that they way AVC said he died was impossible and that she could prove it. I will be filing a law suit and she will be my expert witness. In addition two other eye witness came forward.

I found out that Dr. Kelloway let a kennel cleaner/ receptionist named Athena participate in my dogs minor procedure and she was responsible for shutting Chester’s oxygen intake off. As a result Chester suffocated and Dr Kelloway then tried to cover all this up.

What kind of person does this, how can they call themselves a veterinarian? Does the oath they take mean nothing. And why are they allowed to get away with this?

Chester was my family now he is dead. There have been many complaints filed against AVC with the Veterinarian State Board and the attorney general’s office and nothing gets done.

So I will be seeking legal action.





Source: Luckyslegacy-Email

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