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Bella’s Story – FL

Meet Bella – an Old English Bulldog puppy whose life was cut tragically short (more…)

Becky’s Metacam Story – IL

I just returned from the University of Illinois teaching hospital after nine days with (more…)

Baylee’s Story – FL

Judge rules against veterinarian over dog’s death


Tideland News Writer
Former Swansboro resident Shawna (more…)

Barry Hayslett’s Story – CA

Hi Dave,

Thanks for putting together this site. Our 13 year old cat Bailey (more…)

Bailey’s Metacam Story – US

Our 13 year old cat Bailey went in for surgery last Monday to remove (more…)

Asprolee’s Story – AL

Asprolee's Story - Lucky's LegacyAsprolee's Story - Lucky's Legacy

My name is Asproolee (it’s a Greek nickname meaning “little white cute thing.”). I (more…)

Arthur’s Metacam Story – US

My 11yr old cat Arthur was diagnosed with a pulled muscle in his hind (more…)

Anthony’s Metacam Story – US

I have unfortunately had a bad experience that made me aware of the dangers (more…)

Veterinary Clinics of America VCA -Anonymous – US

Veterinary Clinics of America VCA caused the death of my dog due to inexperienced (more…)

Anonymous Metacam – US

Metacam and renal failure in cat

I have a cat who was given Metacam oral (more…)