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Sissy’s Metacam Story – Unknown

We stopped the metcam after we noticed our cat Sissy acting lethargic and looking wobbly (more…)

Simon’s Metacam Story – Unknown


I wish I had found your website before I agreed to treat my Leukemia positive (more…)

Singer’s Story

Marzena Golonka- (a picture is worth a million words)
Quack Vet Medicine (Update 7)

Singers Story - Lucky's LegacySingers Story - Lucky's Legacy

Post surgical (more…)

Sidney’s Metacam Story – US

I visited my regular vet a few weeks ago because my cat, Sidney, was (more…)

Shorty’s Metacam Story – Unknown

I too have a Metacam story that began a few weeks ago.

The story is about (more…)

Shannon’s Metacam Story – NY

Hi Dave,

I came across your site while googling the drug Metacam. I had NO (more…)

Shadow’s Story – US

Metacam is not researched and manufacture recommended for cats. There have been a significant number of (more…)

Shadow’s Metacam Story – CO

My Shadow kitty received Metacam after his tail was amputated a few weeks ago due to (more…)

Shabba’s Metacam Story – MA

My cat, Shabba, had a dental cleaning in February and the vets extracted 2 teeth.

They (more…)

Sadie’s PETCO Story – CA

Dog dies from cage dryer at PETCO, lawsuit filed

FRESNO, California (KFSN) — A lawsuit (more…)