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Local Vet Facing Animal Cruelty Charges in Cat Killing – FL

Updated: Mon 8:16 PM, Mar 29, 2010

Bay County Sheriff’s investigators arrested 52-year-old Margaret Fowler (more…)

Severely Neglected Dog Abandoned in Front of Animal Hospital & Animal Hospital Does Nothing – NY

This is so pathetic that it is almost beyond comprehension! This severely neglected cocker (more…)

Veterinarian -Thomas F. Stevenson of Twin Valley Veterinary Clinic charged with cruelty- PA

Veterinarian is charged with animal cruelty allegations that he mutilated a puppy’s tail.”


At 76, (more…)

Troy Veterinary Hospital Complaint – NY

A Google User wrote:

Watch out for this clinic, particularly Dr. Robertson. My elderly mother (more…)

Daily News – Vets From Hell. State Slow to Act After Animal Horrors – NY

Vet George Vincent refused to treat a 2-year-old pit bull whose owners brought him (more…)

Alex’s Story- NC

Alex and Gus were Manchester terriers. They gave us immeasurable joy for 14 years.

We (more…)

Sue’s Metacam Story – Unknown

My cat had a thorough physical exam and the kidney values were all good, (more…)

Stewie’s Metacam Story – Unknown

My 4 yr old cat was taken to the vet and was told he had (more…)

Sterling’s Metacam Story – Unknown

Sterling was born July 28, 1994 and passed away on January 29, 2009.  He (more…)