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Complaint to Texas State Board Of Medicine against Jim W. Airhart, D.V.M.


Patient “Bruce”

Failed to perform an adult heartworm (occult) test (more…)

The Eskridges’ Story – CA

Eskridge   v. All-Care – Judgment in favor of Eskridge

Sued “All Care Animal Referral Center”, Robert (more…)

The Deavers’ Story – CA

All-Care v. Deaver – Judgment in favor of Deaver

The Deavers refused to pay for what (more…)

The $50,000 Mutt – CA

Under laws that treat pets as property, vets are largely unaccountable for malpractice. That’s (more…)

Ted’s Story – UT

Jenn Diederich’s dog, Ted, had to have four surgeries after a vet operated on (more…)

Tanner’s Metacam Story – Unknown

I just brought my 2 year old cat Tanner home in a box. I (more…)

Tamarah’s Story-TX

Tamarah in 1997 died from pneumonia that was not diagnosed until he got to (more…)

Suki’s Story and more – TX

Although she was a victim of veterinary incompetence, she’s actually a survivor.


She lived long (more…)

Spider’s Metacam Story – Unknown

Hello I am writing to you to let you know that we had to (more…)

Ruby’s Story – CO

Meet Ruby, a 7 year old mixed breed from Denver, Colorado. She was a (more…)