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Regrowing Organs

The future of Kidney and other organ transplants is through Stem Cells but also (more…)

Humane Society Trying to Turn Things Around?

Fremont County, CO: “Before [Doug Rae] took over as executive director … every month (more…)

FBI Adds Animal Cruelty As ‘Crime Against Society’ In Uniform Crime Report

File photo of Patrick the pitbull. Patrick was starved, then thrown down a trash (more…)

Penny’s Story

Penny joined the Zoo on January 27, 1999. The day before, I’d called my¬†friend (more…)

Retired military dog meets a kitten for the first time

Chef is a retired military working dog, and this is the first kitten he’s (more…)

Animal Hero

Lucky was my hero. He put things in perspective. He changed my outlook, and (more…)

What Is The Measure Of Love?

Why must it be strictly between humans?
And is it real love only when it (more…)

Do You Take Your Pet for Granted?

I have heard too many excuses about why one’s dog is so thin, why (more…)

How We Love Our Pets

Common law views our pets as property having no more value than replacement. Veterinarians (more…)