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FIV is it a death sentence?

There are many cats that live with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), for a long (more…)

Heart Disease in Cats, What You Need to Know

Cats master the art of hiding symptoms, so be careful. If your cat is (more…)

Cancer Cure On The Horizon?

There’s a trial being conducted in Australia using a berry that is showing promise.

Please (more…)

How To Sue Your Veterinarian

What You Need To Know If You Decide To Sue Your Veterinarian. 

Suing your vet (more…)

Kidney Disease in Cats

As our companions’ age they can develop issues like Kidney disease.

My Lulu is 19 years (more…)

Exposing The Veterinarian Comunity

Robber Baron Central Exposing Greed & Un-Professionalism In Animal Health-Care

COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT Every industry, (more…)

“Speaking of Feral Cats”

Because the words you use will shape people’s thoughts about cats, Alley Cat Allies (more…)

Follow up story, “Pet Vaccines”

Before you vaccinate your pet for the second time, please read about the dangers, (more…)

Animal Friendly Countries

Although Americans love their pets, the laws do not reflect the sentiment. The United (more…)

I Have My Pets’ Medical File, So What’s Next?

That depends on why you’re keeping the file. Are you looking for answerers, or (more…)