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Dear fellow animal lovers,

Today our sweet loving Maine Coon boy, Buddy Lee, had to be  put to sleep.


Today, as a fatal oral administration of Metacam resulted in his renal failure. I am so incredibly sad, as Buddy Lee was my autistic son’s best friend, therapy cat and my personal angel.  I had never met a sweeter kitty soul.  Buddy Lee was only 4 years old.

A week prior, I had taken Buddy into the vet clinic where Dr P. gave him an injection of Covenia for a Urinary Tract Infection and an orally administered dosage of Metacam.  About three days after bring Buddy Lee home, he started vomiting, was unsteady when he walked and eventually stopped eating all foods. He would not drink his water. I tried everything to get him to eat; purchasing different foods and offering him fresh tuna.  Finally when he rejected his favorite treat, catnip, I knew something was horribly, horribly wrong.

I took Buddy Lee to the vet on Monday.  Little did I know what was about to transpire.  Dr. P told me that Buddy Lee had NO kidney function!  And his urinary tract infection was worse than it was when I took him to the vet a week prior!  I asked Dr. P what my options were.  He told me there was only a 50/50 percent Buddy Lee would survive kidney failure, but that for $1100.00, he would try to flush his kidneys, administer more medication, and try to get him out of renal failure.  I opted for putting our beloved, sweet Buddy Lee to sleep instead.  It was one of the worst choices I ever had to make, but with my economic situation, I could not afford the $1100.00 vet bill and the possibility of even more hospitalization costs.

It wasn’t until I came home this evening, sadly carrying an empty pet carrier, that I researched Metacam.  What I discovered by way of this website and a few others, was that the Metacam oral suspension had poisoned Buddy Lee’s kidneys and made them shut down.  I am so angry that this vet, Dr. P., would knowingly give this toxin to our sweet, innocent Maine Coon boy.  What I also learned as I researched, is that oral Metacam IS NOT APPROVED FOR CATS, only for dogs.  At this time, I will be reporting my vet to all the appropriate agencies as well as filing a suit in small claims court.

Please put the word out about Metacam and it’s side effects.  If Buddy Lee’s story can help educate people and stop one more unnecessary cat death, than I can rest easier knowing that he did not die in vain.

Thank you for letting me share my story.


D. Young


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