Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island Complaint #10

Anthony F. Lindenhurst, NY wrote on 11/12/2012

My girlfriend and I live in South Lindenhurst with our 6 month old puppy Lily. Lily is a sweet Miniature Dachshund and we love her dearly.

As you know, South Lindenhurst was devastated by super storm Sandy and we were without power, heat and hot water  up until this Saturday.

Last Wednesday, our puppy was very badly electrocuted/shocked by chewing on a space heater wire (which was plugged in and hooked up to a generator).  We found Lily lifeless and motionless with the wire sparking from her mouth.

We immediately took her to the closest vet where they were able to stabilize her, but the vet we took her to could not keep her because they are not an overnight facility.

They referred us to Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island (VMCLI) in West Islip.

We rushed Lily to VMCLI during the severe snow storm and brought her in.  They took Lily in the back and took her blood pressure and gave her oxygen.  On the way there, Lily was urinating blood and was still in distress.

Due to the tragedy of Sandy, and the gas crisis, and the fact we have little money, we were in a dire situation.  VMCLI was charging us approximately $1,500.00 to work on Lily and would not do anything to her until we paid in full.  We didn’t have enough money on us or our credit cards to cover the treatment and if Lily didn’t have treatment, she would almost surely die.
Luckily, my parents said they would pay for the bill.  They live in South Freeport and also lost their home to Sandy and they had no gas to go to West Islip VMCLI.  They were offering to pay for the treatment via authorization over the phone IN FULL.
VMCLI refused to accept this payment – They stated they needed them to take a picture of the credit card with a letter of authorization and a copy of their driver’s license and and for our parents to email it to them. Due to the national disaster of Sandy and the fact we are in a nor’easter and there are 2 hour gas lines, VMCLI still wouldn’t make an exception to take payment via phone authorization.
After pleading and begging them to accept payment over the phone so Lily can be worked on and saved, the receptionist became very rude and talked down to us.

We had no options, so we called LIVS in Plainview who were extremely helpful and told us to bring Lily there and they would accommodate us.

VMCLI would not release our puppy to us until we paid them over $250 (because they gave her oxygen and took her blood pressure).  I am sure they ripped us off because we were taking Lily somewhere else.  Luckily we had enough on our cards between us that we were able to pay this bill.

The people who work at VMCLI had no remorse, sympathy or kindness and because of their failure to help us and our puppy, we almost lost her.

We then got back in the car with Lily and drove to LIVS in the snow storm on a quarter tank of gas. It was a scary ride and our car is not good in the snow.  Thankfully we got there safely.

The people at LIVS were so understanding and kind and they treated her overnight and accepted the phone payment

The people who work at VMCLI should be ashamed and should not be in this business and they took advantage of a family who just wanted their puppy to get the proper treatment.

(Many complaints on yelp were made due to lack of compassion, understaffed, exorbitant pricing,  price gauging. Also despite being an emergency facility 24/7 do not have emergency staff 24/7 and borderline negligent)


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